Simple steps to live a greener life – Climate Week

This week is Climate Week (12 – 18 March 2012), Britain’s biggest climate change campaign, which is inspiring a new wave of action to create a sustainable future.

With thousands of events and activities taking place from every part of society there are lots of opportunities to find out how you can combat climate change and green up your life. However, if you’re still stuck and want some simple, practical ways to start living a more sustainable, low carbon life now, why not try these suggestions:

C – Curtains – save energy and keep your home cosy by opening up your curtains to let the sunlight in and closing them at dusk to keep the heat in.

L – Leftovers – make one night each week ‘leftovers night’ – it’ll not only save you money and be good for the environment, it’ll give you a night off cooking too.

I – Insulate – to reduce your water heating costs, insulate your hot water cylinder with a thick (80mm) lagging jacket.

M – Microwave – save energy by cooking small meal in a microwave. Microwaves use less energy than conventional cookers as the energy goes directly into heating the food, not the oven or utensils.

A – Arrange a swishing event. Bored with your wardrobe but don’t want to give it away to charity just yet, swish your clothes instead.

T – Turn off the lights when you leave a room.

EEnergy meters – to keep a precise track on how much energy you are using, install an smart energy meter to help you save energy and reduce your bills.

If you’ve got some more easy green energy saving ideas let us know, also if you’re involved in a Climate Week activity tell us about it in our comments section , we’d love to hear.

For more information on Climate Week and their partners go to

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