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Hello and welcome to the Queen of Easy Green™ a practical lifestyle blog full of simple, green living ideas to help you live better and feel good.

Businesses that Green our World - Lake Renewable Energy

Despite late September bringing us cooler evenings and chiller mornings, many households faced with ever-rising fuel bills [more]

Give your unwanted outdoor gear a new lease of life

Donate your unwanted outdoor gear with Gift Your Gear and Rohan travel and outdoor clothing this September to support UK [more]

Review: Weledas new, natural, homeopathic hayfever relief spray

Relieve summer-time hayfever sniffs, sneezes, itchy eyes and tickly throats with an all natural alternative. My review of [more]

Review: U Little Beauty luxurious natural self tan

Review of U Little Beauty all-natural, certified organic self tan cream. A vegan-friendly, green beauty product that'll give [more]

Review: Dry2Alive Natural Face and Body Hydrating Cream

Suffer with dry skin, eczema, psoriasis and looking for an all-natural, paraben-free, SLS-free solution, Queen of Easy Green [more]

Energy Efficiency in the Design of Orangeries and Conservatories

Top tips on how to create an orangery or conservatory that is energy efficient, sustainably built and environmentally-friendly [more]

Top tips to help you go green and save money on your motoring

Top five tips to save you money and cut your carbon footprint when motoring. Simple tricks and ideas to help you reduce your [more]

Cool Cookery column: Choosing frozen helps families come together at meal times

Eating together as a family is not only great for catching up on each others news, it's better for your family's health and [more]

Top Chef urges people to made a D-Day Dessert for an older neigbour

Top Chef and Age UK urge us to make a Dessert for D-Day to brighten up a lonely older neighbours day. [more]

Fracking: Government plans to grant a new right of corporate trespass threatens UK homeowners

Fracking will be a disaster environmentally, economically and for homeowner rights [more]

making green living easyWith everything from clever tips on reducing food waste, saving energy and recycling to reviews of affordable energy-efficient appliances, organic beauty products, environmentally-friendly housewares and eco-friendly family activities, there is something for everyone who wants to start taking easy green living steps that are better for them, their pocket and the environment.

Oh, did I mention there are giveaways too!



The Queen of Easy Green ™

Sustainable living – it’s just living, but with less waste.

To see how I can bring my green living expertise, communications or design skills to your business, drop me a line. Here’s more on what I do and where else you can find me.

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