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MAD Blog Awards 2011

Count On It® labels

Are you throwing food away unnecessarily or forgetting to use leftovers simply because you can’t remember when you first stored them?

Then Count On It® labels are perfect for you.

Count On It® self-adhesive food calendars labels show you at a glance when your food was first opened, stored or frozen helping you waste less whilst saving you money.

reduce food wasteSimply peel off a label, stick on the packaging, scratch off the date and track – you’ll never be left guessing or throwing away edible food again!

No worries, no waste with Count On It®

Suitable for everything from sauces, mayonnaise, baby food, frozen fruits, meat, dairy products and of course, leftovers, Count On It® date labels are ideal for refrigerator storage, freezer storage and for to helping reduce food waste.

reduce food waste

Angela Griffin with a box of Count On It labels - reduce food wasteI’m wondering how I ever managed without them – busy mums will know how easy it can be to forget how long food has been stored and with these labels you can be certain if it is still fresh and safe to eat – no need to worry or to throw away perfectly decent food,”

Angela Griffin, Mum, Actress, BBC2’s ‘The Great Sport Relief Bake-Off finalist

Amanda Holden loves Count On It labels - reduce food waste“I love giving Alexa fresh, wholesome food but a lot of the time I forget when I opened the jar of pasta sauce or carton of fruit juice – these labels are brilliant as reminders …  I’m beginning to wonder how I ever managed without them”.
Amanda Holden, Mum, Actress and Britain’s Got Talent judge

Get Count On It® labels delivered straight to your door.

Buy 12 boxes get post and packing FREE*

£24.00 (FREE postage and packing)

Buy 4 boxes get post and packing FREE*

£7.96 (FREE postage and packing)

*Free postage and packing for UK customers only, charges will apply for overseas customers