Beat the winter blues with a detox retreat

Middle Piccadilly Rural Spa Retreat

Although doubt has been cast over whether the claim ‘January is the most depressing month of the year’ has any scientific basis at all, with the Christmas holidays a dim and distant memory and the endless wet, grey days we’ve been enduring, January is still the time of year that many of us feel a little miserable.

Not only do we feel ‘flat’, with New Year’s resolutions usually faltering by the end of the month, we also can be guilty of, well, making ourselves feel guilty.

But not me!

Why is that, I hear you ask? Well it’s certainly not because I’ve got any special super ‘happy’ powers or I’m immune to the same things that get us all down, it’s just that I’ve been fortunate enough to have enjoyed a 3 night ‘Get Clean’ Mini Retreat package which detoxed my body and mind, leaving me feeling better than ever.

Middle Piccadilly Rural Spa retreat - detox retreat

Staying at the charming Middle Piccadilly Rural Spa Retreat in Dorset, I have been enjoying a juice cleanse detox diet and enjoyed three life-enhancing holistic therapies.

Middle Piccadilly Rural Spa retreat - detox retreat

To find out more about my experience at Middle Piccadilly and the treatments they offer head over to my full review on At Home magazine’s site.

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