Get creative with recycling

If you’re one of those people who enjoy using everything to the last drop, recycling and repurposing is the perfect hobby for you. Thrive off of the creativity and fulfilment you’ll get from finding new ways to think of the same old trash. Here’s how you can rearrange your belongings to maximise their potential, room by room.
Kitchen creative

Your utensils and food storage items may have outlived their time in the kitchen, but they could be destined to use in another room. Think outside those four walls when you’re updating your cooking decor because the kitchen is often the perfect place to find things to recycle due to the sheer number of possibilities. That worn out dish rack could make the perfect magazine stand in your home office. Those old ice cube trays would do a lot of good for storing jewellery that you don’t want to get tangled, and the empty wine bottle from last night is just begging for a few freshly cut flowers to hold. Lastly, before you throw out that cracked coffee mug, think about using it as a candle holder.

Recreational reuse

Many people have an entertainment centre where they keep tons of old CDs, DVDs, and video games that they either will never listen to/watch/play again or that they’ve converted into a digital file formats. Clear some space with the following options.

One of the most profitable ways to recycle these items is to sell unwanted DVDs and other discs online. However, if you’re searching for a way to make your home sparkle, you could also turn them into wall art by hanging them like mini music posters, or use them as coasters to protect your furniture from glass rings.
If you’re not looking to sell computer games for cash along with your CDs and DVDs, you could consider doing a trade with another gaming fanatic so that you can both end up with a game that you’ve never played before.

Bathroom Recycling

We know. The thought of recycling anything in your bathroom can sound a bit…gross. But there are plenty of items that you can find different purposes for in the same room. A toothbrush holder can double as a rack for makeup brushes, for example. And a soap dish makes a great mini potpourri pot. Last but not least, what about all those small pieces of soap abandoned in the shower? Pop them all in a microwave safe dish and melt them together so that you can have one giant bar of soap.

You’ve still got the bedroom, the attic, and the basement to go, so don’t lose momentum now! Other rooms in your house are bound to be filled with recycling goodies.

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