Green decluttering can save you money

When you’re giving your house a thorough tidy up, you normally run into a few old things from the past that you don’t need and don’t use anymore. It can be really tempting to get rid of all these things at the dump. However, reselling, recycling and upcycling your unwanted items can be a good way to make a bit of money from them. Not only this, you could give the environment a bit of much needed help too.

The quickest and easiest way to get rid of your unwanted items is to just chuck them away. However, this isn’t always the best way. You might have quite a few things that have a bit of value and you could make some money off them.

If you’re thinking about getting rid of unwanted clothes, you should think about listing them on an online auction site like Ebay. This will benefit you and benefit the environment by stopping some perfectly good clothes adding to the already overflowing landfill sites.

Similarly, if you’ve got old cds, you try selling these too. The same goes for your old dvds, you can sell unwanted dvd with online sites such as musicMagpie. It’s easy to sell computer games for cash too, there’s always a willing market for them.

Some things you find might not look like they’re worth much, but they could earn you some money too. One thing to look out for is any old wood you might have. If you list these online you might be surprised by the response you get from willing buyers. There are lots of artists and DIY lovers who are always on the lookout for some bargain wood supplies.

Old bricks are also very popular. Because of the way they were made, old bricks have a lot more individuality and personality than the mass produced ones of today. This has made them a very popular material for housing adornments and pathing. It is definitely worth trying to list these.

Of course, some things are just plain rubbish, but it’s still important to try to recycle what you can and only take the bare minimum to the dump. Unusual items you can recycle include old mobile phones, car tyres, plastic Christmas trees and VHS tapes. Old ink cartridges can be recycled too, just take them to a big computer chain, these shops should have the right facilities to get them recycled.

This should greatly reduce the load you have to take to the dump. However, even then it’s important to correctly dispose of certain items, as failure to do so can seriously harm the environment. This includes things like CFL light bulbs, lithium-ion batteries, electronic equipment and paints.

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