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KwikSweep waste removal app storeIt’s a sad fact, but if you walk along most high streets in the towns and cities across our country you’d not be surprised to see litter strewn about.

In fact, according to figures from Keep Britain Tidy, litter on our streets has increased by a staggering 500% since the 1960’s and the cost to our local authorities (and ultimately, ourselves) is near £1billion a year.

But it’s not only discarded crisp bags and plastic bottles that are blighting our neighbourhoods, fly-tipping is also on the increase.

Across the country people are dumping a whole array of unwanted objects on our streets, pavements and parks and I mean a whole array – can you believe in Ilford, North East London, someone was reported to have fly-tipped a huge pile of car tyres and then topped it off with a coffin! Yes, you read that correctly.


Unfortunately, London has six of the UK’s 10 worst areas for fly-tipping and in 2014 alone Haringey had a reported 25,000 cases – that equates to one offence for every 10 people who live there!

The reasons behind this increase in fly-tipping are varied, not knowing it’s illegal, not being able to dispose of it elsewhere and not having the means to dispose of it. But let’s be clear, none of these excuses mean you won’t get fined. In fact, just this week Harrow council has issued record-breaking fine of over £5000 for fly-tipping.

The good news is that thanks to innovative entrepreneurs like Earl Mensah, there is now an affordable and effortless way to dispose of unwanted household and business waste for the people of London and that’s with KwikSweep.

This trailblazing new app enables Londoners to get a quote to rid their properties of waste simply by sharing an image or video of their waste, booking the collection and paying, all through their smartphone– think Uber for waste collection.

Here’s how it works:

KwikSweep app home page

Kwiksweep app - take pic or vidKwikSweep app - chose date and timeKwikSweep app - Payment pageAs well as the ease of using KwikSweep, the other great thing about it is that as a company they are committed to reuse and recycle as much as possible, which means less waste ends up in landfill, which is better for the environment. KwikSweep firmly stand by their logo ‘aggressive on waste for a sustainable future’.

What’s more KwikSweep are also committed to giving great customer service scoring 9.66 out of 10 on Checkatrade from their customers for reliability and timekeeping, tidiness, courtesy and workmanship

Free to download from both IOS and Android app stores (search “KwikSweep”) KwikSweep offers a highly experienced team of waste removal and recycling experts at your fingertips, available 7 days a week for any and all rubbish disposal enquires, including clearing garden litter to safely undertaking WEEE recycling – decluttering your home the green way has never been easier.

To find out more about KwikSweep and to download the app – head here: or


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