Energy efficient, eco-friendly & money saving – why we love the Ecobubble

They say that you know when you’ve found the one. Well, I can certainly say that if it were possible to fall in love with an appliance (a bit odd, I know), then the Samsung Ecobubble would be the one for me.

But why have I fallen head over heals in love with it, what does it do that no previous machine has come close? Well, let me explain…


In any great relationship good communication is the key and the Samsung Ecobubble does this effortlessly.

Unlike my other machines which would always leave me guessing what they were doing and how long I needed to wait before they’d do their stuff, the Ecobubble clearly communicates on it’s 3.5 inch colour LCD panel (12kg VRT model) what stage it is at and how long the programme will take to complete. When the machine starts the timer then counts down displaying how many minutes are left, so I can choose whether to wait or do something else instead. Simple, but very effective.

Letting you choose

Another great feature about the Ecobubble, is that it allows you to either choose pre-set programmes or select your own according to your needs. For example, the wool cycle selects 3 spins, however, if you press the spin button, you can decide whether you want to increase this or decrease it. Why is this so great, well if you need to shorten the programme, or want to make the cycle more energy efficient, you have the option?

Reliability and efficiency

Isn’t it wonderful when you can just rely on something or somebody to do what they say they would.

Well, that’s another reason why the Ecobubble ticks the box. Designed with efficiency at its core, the Ecobubble has a multitude of energy-efficient features to ensure you save time and money, including the very special Ecobubble technology.

Simply put, this innovative technology uses a bubble generator to create a cushion of bubbles, which dissolve into and wash clothes more efficiently. In practical terms, this means the Ecobubble can wash clothes using 70% less energy than a 40°C wash programme.

Other energy efficient features include the super capacity of the 12KG model (the largest wash capacity in Europe for a standard under-the-counter sized unit) and the Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT), a balancing system which minimises the level of noise and vibrations, making the machine last longer.

Doesn’t use all of the hot water

How frustrating is it, when after a long day there is no hot water to have a soak in the bath? Well, with the Ecobubble your worries would be over.

Due to it’s clever Ecobubble technology, it can operate at 15°C and will still give you the same wash results as a standard 40°C cycle.

So, there you have it, just a few reasons why I’ve fallen in love with the Samsung Ecobubble, it clearly communicates with me, lets me choose if I want to, is reliable and does what it says it will, efficiently.

In fact, if it were possible, I am pretty sure the Ecobubble wouldn’t leave wet towels on the floor either.

Available to buy at: Appliances Online

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Wow, I like the sound of that! The display is ideal, I hate hanging around waiting for the wash to finish… with this machine I wouldn’t have to. Great review.


Thank you Lucy, Amy and Kate for your feedback. The Ecobubble is a fabulous washing machine, I’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone considering getting a new machine. For the record, we are now a few months into our relationship and I can confirm I am still very much in love!

Vicky-Louise Robinson

I ended up getting the Hotpoint Aqualtis 11kg because it was a few hundred pounds cheaper when I was looking for a washing machine (I still paid £590 though!) if the price had been lower then I would have definitely gone for the 12kg Ecobubble instead.


How are you getting on with your Hotpoint Vicky – do you think you are saving money with it’s energy-saving features?


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