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Since inventing my own food waste reduction product, Count On It labels, in 2007, I have been driven to live and help others enjoy a more sustainable life.

A pragmatist, I believe for people to truly embrace a green lifestyle change must be easily achievable, practical, affordable and it should enrich ones life. That’s my approach with Queen of Easy Green™ and that’s why I was pleased to be invited to be an IKEA Live Lagom Ambassador.


Live Lagom comes from the Swedish phrase ‘Lagom är bäst’, which means ‘the right amount is best’. Unsurprisingly we don’t have a direct translation, however it can be interpreted as ‘just right’ – which is what I believe ‘living green’ is all about. It’s about getting the most from what you have, only using what you need and limiting unnecessary waste.

Pretty confident I’ve nailed food waste reduction in my own home, a keen upcycler and having installed a raft of energy saving measures, including loft insulation, radiator reflectors, sun tube and water-saving devices, I know there is still more I can do and I am looking forward to applying Lagom in areas of my life that have been left wanting.

Recycle clothesDespite being a passionate green living advocate, I share my home with three other people who, although they understand the benefits of living green, are not always ‘on message’ in their actions. This ambivalence has morphed me into my parents, with shouts of ‘switch that light off’, ‘who’s left the tap running’ and ‘why is this teeshirt in the laundry basket, you only wore it once?’

Subsequently my Lagom resolutions are to save energy in the following areas:

Laundry – Although I have an energy efficient Ecobubble washing machine, wash at 30º, use eco-friendly detergent and line-dry, I know I am still washing too often, consuming unnecessary water, energy and time!

Therefore, with the help of my family, my plan is to reduce how often I do the laundry. How? By improving the longetivity of laundered items!

Lighting – Despite having energy efficient LED lights already in my home, this is an area where more can be done. Night lights, feature lights and softer, warmer LED’s are just a few of the ideas I’ll be bringing into my home.

I also plan to grow my own.

Due to an impeding development at the end of my garden, my once flourishing vegetable garden has to be relocated. To bridge the gap between closure and relocation of my vegetable garden, I plan to bring the outside in with an indoor herb garden. A massive fan of living walls, I’ll be designing my own kitchen garden wall with the help of IKEA’s fun and funky planters.

Implementing these sustainable solutions, working with IKEA and sharing tips with fellow Lagom-ers, by further improving the energy efficiency of my home, saving time and money, I hope to demonstrate to others how easy it is to live green and hopefully inspire others to join me in Living Lagom.

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