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lighten the laundry load

According to the Office of National Statistics the average British household washes on average 270 laundry loads per year*. However, with an ‘average’ family calculated to be 2.3 people, this means that many families which consist of two adults and two children, my own included, wash on average 468 laundry loads a year! That’s more than one wash every day of the year!

Although I am fortunate to have a fantastic energy saving Ecobubble washing machine which uses less than 70% energy of a 40ºC wash, until I chatted with the Live Lagom team, I hadn’t considered how much I could save after the iron had been put away.

With two boys who love football, tree climbing and all other mucky stuff, reducing my laundry loads is an ongoing challenge, however with the addition of some handy storage solutions, I’ve begun to notice a positive difference.

IKEA Knapper standing mirrorlaundry on chairs and bedFirst up, the Mulig valet stands. These have been ideal for my youngest son and husband to hang their clothes on after wearing once. Not only have they limited the presences of clothes draped over chairs, beds, cupboards, radiators and the floor(!) they have reduced the amount of clothes that end up in the laundry bin unnecessarily or that need a ‘tickle up’ with the iron.

Secondly, Knapper, standing mirror. My eldest son is now at that age when his appearance is a little more important to him and the Knapper is the ideal solution. Not only has it a full length mirror so he can check himself out (!) it also has a reasonable sized hanging rail at the back, which he hangs his school uniform on at the end of the day. Again, this is proving invaluable in keeping the laundry loads down, as notorious for leaving his clothes on the floor, I’d often, for ease, just sweep them all up and wash them. Now only the clothes that need washing head to the laundry bin.

Komplement valet hangerFinally, Komplement, this handy little valet hanger is a welcome addition to my laundry area. No longer do I have to hang ironed clothes off door handles, I can neatly pop them on the hanger until they are ready to be put away. In addition, as I’ve sited it over a radiator, I can hang damp delicate items above the radiator, rather than on it, allowing the radiators to heat my room, rather than the clothes.

I’ve been really impressed with these simple solutions, not only are they saving energy on my fuel and water bills, they are also saving me valuable time. My boys clothes are ready to wear, they look nicer because they’re being care for better and there are no ‘emergency’ ironing dramas on a school morning. Also, with less clothes littering my boys bedrooms, their rooms are tidier and more inviting to be in, because nobody really likes living in a jumble sale, do they?

*The average number of washes for one person per year is 117 washes.


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