Stylish, Swedish design-inspired biodegradable green cleaning products

Stylish, Swedish design-inpsired eco products from green business Jangneus Design

As a lover of  stylish eco products, I am always on the look out for kitchen gadgets and accessories that can help us live an easier, greener lifestyle – and a little while ago I was fortunate enough to stumble upon these little gems – eco designer cleaning cloths from Jangneus Design.

These beautifully colourful cloths combine design with environmental responsibility and awareness and are very eco-friendly as they are made of cellulose (a by-product from paper making) and recycled cotton then printed with eco-friendly ink.

Inspired by Sweden’s crafts and design culture, these fabulous cloths are available in seven different colours – blue, turquoise, green, purple, black, yellow and red – and eleven different designs: a heart; two different flowers; leaves; doodle flower; stars, stripes, cups, spots, fish and a bird. All eleven designs are available in blue and black, ten designs are available in green, turquoise, purple and red and nine designs come in yellow giving a total of 71 different variations to suit every home.

Prices range from £1.75 – £2.50 (depending on the number of cloths you order) with delivery is free within the UK.

They also offer a subscription service for £25 and will send a new cloth to you every month. You can choose to have all your cloths in one colour or you can have a mixed subscription and get a selection of colours throughout the year.

Natural products inspired by Swedish design

As well as the beautiful designs, what I also loved about the cloths is that they are highly absorbent, perfect for general cleaning and for wiping up spills. They can be popped in the washing machine when dirty, minimising the risk any germs. Then, when they are finally worn out, rather than filling up your bin, you can simply pop them in your compost heap as they are 100% biodegradable.

I absolutely love my cloths, they are fun, funky and eco-friendly – kitchen cleaning has never been so glamorous. To see all of their gorgeous designs and to find out how you can get yours just pop along to

Do you know of any other funky eco-products that deserve a Queen of Easy Green™ review – if you do, please let me know by leaving a comment below or emailing me at

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