Energy efficient cooking gets stylish at Ecobuild

Energy efficient cooking stove - Ecobuild

Say ‘log-burning stove’ and most of us conjure up an image of a twee-looking, black cast iron box sitting proudly in the fireplace of some farmhouse kitchen. A bit grubby and demanding an endless supply of chopped timber, surely such appliances have no place in the modern home? Can the new generation of stove challenge these pre-conceptions?

With contemporary designs featuring uber-cool materials like stainless steel and glass the latest stove will fit beautifully into even the most modern home.

But that’s not all, with great design and the latest combustion technology combined, means that new stoves not only look great they burn more efficiently than ever before.

Want to find out more, well you can? This year Firebelly Ltd, the company behind such stylish, cutting edge stoves as the ‘Razen Cookstove’ as shown above, are exhibiting at Ecobuild, the world’s biggest event for sustainable design, construction and the built environment, from 01-03 March at ExCeL, London.

To find out more and to reserve your FREE ticket, click here. If you can’t make, don’t worry, I’ll be searching out the best finds and will be reporting back here over the forthcoming weeks.

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Yes, it’s lovely isn’t it. Yet in the ‘flesh’ it’s actually quite small – though it still looks fab.


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