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The Wean Machine - eco-friendly invention for baby weaning

It’s an age old saying and maybe a getting a little over-used at the moment, but in my opinion the phrase ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ could not be more appropriate when referring to the growing number of products and businesses which are being brought to market by mums.

As a mumpreneur myself (on the ‘love it or loathe it’ debate about the term – I’m pretty okay with it – when it’s used appropriately) I am fortunate enough to be able to meet many wonderful women who have, due to necessity, created their own products and businesses, whilst raising a family.

With products ranging from sleep aids to clothing and food products to dance classes – the creativity and dogged determination of these women is truly inspiring (trust me, when you work alone as an entrepreneur – you do need regular doses of inspiration to help you keep your focus and faith!)

As the Queen of Easy Green™, I am passionate about eco-friendly inventions, products and businesses that help families save time, money and waste. So I will be regularly featuring easy green, eco-conscious products and businesses that have been created and brought to market by my fellow mumpreneurs.

First up, the ever-lovely and generous Tilly Beazley, the inspirational inventor and creator of The Wean Machine™.

As a mum of one, Tilly came up with the idea for the Wean Machine™ when she was weaning her young son. As many mums know, weaning a baby can be a little stressful, as well as being a bit of palaver. Pots, pans, potato mashers, liquidizers, sometimes the whole kitchen can be in a mess, just to produce a couple of teaspoons worth of pureed sweet potato!

Thinking there must be a better way, Tilly set to work a drawing up her invention to make weaning easy and as they say in all of the best stories, the rest is history. The vivid yellow, easy squeezy Wean Machine, which took just two years to get from idea to shelf, is now a huge hit, selling around the world. Not only that it has been awarded multitude of honours, including Kind and Jugend Innovation Award 2009, Mother & Baby Bronze Award and the BPA BACRA winner to name a few.

So what is the Wean Machine and how does it work? Basically, the Wean Machine acts like a large garlic press and when out and about it allows you to easily and cleanly prepare small portions of baby food, as well as doubling as a feeding bowl – all you need to do is fill, squeeze and feed.

The Wean Machine - eco-friendly invention for baby weaning

What I love about the Wean Machine is that it puts you firmly in control as to what you feed your baby, rather than relying on shop-bought baby food when away from home. The Wean Machine enables you to easily prepare and serve all sorts of healthy food including soft fruits, cooked vegetables and pasta dishes.

the wean machine - portable baby food maker

As well as the obvious health benefits, I also love that the Wean Machine helps you save you time, money and waste – a true eco-innovation.

So there we have it, a classic example of a wonderfully simple, but effective and incredibly successful mumpreneur eco-friendly invention.

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Eva Hunt

I would love to get Tricycle-Paddie rider for my little lady for Xmas.There are so many excellent and unique gifts in your shop,very hard to choose which one we like xxx

claire woods

Personalised Name And Date Stone – this would be perfect for my son as he loves collecting stones.

claire woods

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What a great invention so simple just weaning our 5mth old would be ideal Santa will be bringing a fijit for the 4yr old

carol coldicott-stirmey

I’d like the children in my life to have the recycled play aeroplane,please

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My little boy’s favourite animal is a giraffe so I know he would love the giraffe lamp for his bedroom.

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Ooh I’m loving the personalised bunting. My LO better be good if Santa is going to bring that for me to hang in her nursery!

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I love the recycled play pod and think this would be a great gift at Christmas. It’s uses are open ended and only limited by the children’s imagination.

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I would like Santa to bring my children the Monkey Swing – it’s fabulous!

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I love the British Classic Car Hand Printed Wallpaper. I know a certain ‘big kid’ who would be delighted if Santa delivered this :-) @piperanddaisy


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