Upcycled vintage ceramics from Melody Rose

Upcycled vintage ceramics from Melody Rose

A huge fan of creative upcycling, I think I’ve just fallen in love with Melody Rose’s latest range of upcycled vintage ceramics.

Fantastically quirky and very British, these gorgeous bone china ceramics feature designs including Monty Python, Alexander McQueen and the natural history drawings of 19th century explorers.

Upcycled vintage ceramics from Melody Rose

Made in small batches, at a third generation UK pottery based in Stoke on Trent, each set is gilded by hand and fired in a kiln using digital scans and transfers. Melody Rose uses traditional methods established during our nation’s long ceramics heritage, but brings them hurtling into the present day by combining them with modern techniques – transforming everyday plates into an artist’s canvas.

To find out more visit www.melodyrose.co.uk

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