Review: Eco Ezee’s eco-friendly home decorating products

Eco-Ezee eco-friendly home decorating

Renovating a property on your own is quite a feat, doing it as eco-friendly as possible is another issue. But when it comes to home decorating, you may surprised to learn that going ‘green’ is easier and less expensive than you think.

Thanks to the ingenuity of some, new products are being designed that have sustainability at their core. Rather than using virgin materials or creating cheap disposable products that end up in landfill polluting our world for decades to come, these forward-thinking companies are designing and manufacturing innovative eco-freindly home decorating products made from waste materials and ecologically sustainable sources, whilst keeping affordability in mind.

One such company is Eco Ezee. A family owned business, Eco Ezee prides itself on offering sustainable decorating products, without comprising on quality. From award-winning handcrafted, professional quality paint brushes to multi-award winning, eco friendly paint trays and kettles, they have all your decorating needs covered.

Eco-Ezee kindly sent me a selection of their products to try, here’s how I got on:


I can honestly say the paint brushes are the best I have ever used. After using everything from professional to budget brushes over the years, I have not used a selection of brushes that makes painting such a pleasure.

Usually I find that within a few hours of painting I get cramps in my hand due to the weight and my poor grip of the glossy paint brush handle, but with the lightweight and natural finish of the bamboo handle, there was no such problem. The brush handle fits well in your hand and can be softly, yet firmly gripped – if that makes sense.

The brushes, which are solid, round tapered (SRT)* tipped and flagged, are made with a blended mixture of recycled synthetic material and recycled natural bristles, hold the paint really well, which means the flow of paint is released in an even, uniform fashion with each stroke and with minimal brush marks.

Eco-Ezee eco-friendly paint brush

*Solid nylon filaments bend and recover to their original shape, whilst hollow filaments bend and remain bent. Round filaments are the profile of natural bristles and carry paint well. Tapered filaments are wider at their base and narrower at the tip, so they bend easily for better flow and smooth paint release.

As paint tray washing is one of my least favourite aspects of home decorating, Eco Ezee’s reusable paint tray is the ideal solution.

Made from 100% recycled waste material, the tray is large and sturdy enough to hold sufficient paint to cover an area approx 5 sq m and can be reused again and again without ever having to be washed out. Just wipe out any excess paint and leave to dry.

Another bonus of the tray is that, unlike with plastic trays, the roller head will not slip, meaning paint pick up is achieved in less rolls – another time-saver.


As already mentioned, Eco Ezee brushes are professional quality, which means everything from the bristles, handle, ferrule (the metal casing) and brush ‘keeper’ have all been carefully considered, not only for their environmental credentials, but for their quality too.

Eco-Ezee eco-friendly paint brush

In my opinion, the brushes look great, are easy to use and deliver a faultless finish. With uniform paint coverage, minimal brush marks and no bristle loss, a personal bug bear of mine (especially when the bristle has dried into the paint only to be discovered days later), the quality of Eco Ezee’s brushes is second to none.

Similarly with the Eco Ezee paint tray and kettle, the products are well-designed, robust, reusable, recyclable and will save you time into the bargain.

Value for money

Absolutely, with brushes ranging in price from £3.95 for a 1” brush to £8.49 for a 3” Rattail Angle Sash brush, Eco Ezee products are fantastic value for money.

Where can I buy them?

Eco Ezee products can be purchased both online and in store. Eco Ezee have their own online shop and their products are also available on many online eco websites. You can also find them in Travis Perkins, Crown Decorating Centres and a host of independent retailers across the country, to find out if there’s a stockist near you, check out Eco Ezee’s ‘Where to buy’ page.

Would I recommend them?

Whole-heartedly. Not only have these products made decorating my house a real pleasure, the finished job looks fantastic, even, dare I say, of a professional quality, plus I’m safe in the knowledge that my DIY ventures are not negatively impacting the environment.

Using waste, recycled & sustainable materials, including bamboo, a sustainable natural resource, for their brush handles, recycled stainless steel ferrules and a blended mix of recycled synthetic and natural bristles, Eco Ezee have created a superior selection of products which look great, perform well and have a negative impact on the environment. A true ‘green’ winner.

To find out more about Eco Ezee’s products check out their website here

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