Simple eco DIY children’s bedroom idea

Want to create a focal point in a child’s bedroom on a limited budget? Here’s a really simple and effective DIY idea which will take only a couple of hours to complete and will cost you just a few pounds.

Using my new favourite paint brush, my Eco Ezee 1.5″ paint brush, a roll of masking tape and a pot of low voc chalkboard paint (I used B&Q‘s Funky Chalkboard Jet Black paint, £7.48 for 500ml) I created a chalkboard ‘H’ – the first letter of my eldest son’s name – on his bedroom cupboard doors.

My son exclaimed it was ‘Epic!’ and I’m pretty pleased with it too, what do you think?

Chalkboard letter on a cupboard door

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Emma Cooper

Hi Lyndsey
After years of upcycling as a single parent of two, I’ve finally fulfilled my dream of having my own zero VOC chalk paint range!

I’d love you to try it on one of your products.

Here’s the colour range

Please let me know if you would like me to send you some samples.

Emma :)


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