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It’s funny, but, the more I chat with my elderly friends it’s apparent that despite having more spare time on their hands, there still doesn’t appear to be enough hours in the day in which to fit in all of their new hobbies.

With many of them taking up new hobbies in recent years, it’d seem that being retired can be more exhausting than working full time and not surprisingly some hobbies can put a strain on the purse too.

It got me thinking, how can we enjoy the thrill of starting a new hobby whilst keeping the costs in check? Well, the obvious answer is to keep it green, of course.

Eco-friendly art

Try to think outside of the (canvas) box when it comes to your artwork base. Instead of buying new blank canvas, have a rummage around your home (and recycling bin) to find an interesting alternative. The reverse of cereal boxes or wallpaper leftovers would make an inexpensive and interesting base, as would an off-cut of wood or old magazines. You could even go 3D and use old glass jars or even plastic containers for your artwork. Give it a try, you may be surprised just how beautiful upcycled art can be.

Recycled knitting

Save money and reduce waste by switching from knitting with new yarn to using recycled. Unravelling outgrown knitted garments and re-knitting them into some new is a fabulous way to fashion a new garment with yarn you love. Another alternative is to knit or crochet with strips of fabric cut from old clothes, or why not try crocheting with strips of plastic grocery bags to create a reusable shopping basket that can be used time and time again?

Green reading

Instead of buying a new book from the supermarket, why not support your local library by borrowing a book or choose a secondhand book from your favourite charity shop? With the arrival of e-books many charity shops have a huge choice of titles to choose from, including new releases and old favourites. Don’t forget to recycle by donating them when you’ve finished!

If you’ve got the time and inspiration to start a new hobby but lack of mobility in your home is holding you back, have you ever considered installing a stairlift? You may be surprised to learn that the cost of stairlifts is not as expensive as you might first imagine. Indeed, Stannah Stairlifts, the granddaddy of stairlift manufacturers, cost as little as £7.26 per year to run. That’s the same price as 8 pints of milk or one English Breakfast!

To show you what else £7.26 could buy Stannah have created with this fab little infographic:

stairlift prices

Stannah are a British family run business based in England, making lifts of all types since 1867 and stairlifts from 1975.

Did I mention Stannah Stairlifts are going green too? From new environmentally-aware products, switching from polystyrene to recyclable cardboard, energy efficient vehicles and their options for customers to purchase pre-owned, reconditioned and refurbished stairlifts Stannah are setting the industry standard in sustainability whilst helping those with mobility issues enjoy a better quality of life.

To find out how Stannah lifts can save time and provide mobility for the disabled or elderly at an affordable rate, check out their website,


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