Sponsored Video: Brink eco-heroes fight to save species and habitats

Brink: The Weather Channel - Turtles

If you’ve been watching the television over the last few days you may have seen the RSPB’s new, sweet yet poignant advert urging us all to ‘Give nature a home’. Featuring a young girl making a birdhouse, a mini beast B&B and a frog pond using an old washing up bowl, the message is simply ‘if there’s no home for nature, there’s no nature.’ And the stats are backing this up.

With Defra reporting last week that Britain’s most endangered species have declined by more than half since the 1970s, it is evident that future generations must learn (and want) to take responsibility for our native wildlife to ensure their demise is averted – and we must help them.

However, what about the many endangered species around the world that are on the verge of extinction now? Who is going to save them, waiting for the next generation is futile, action has to be taken now.

Fortunately, there are many organizations out there that have been undertaking outstanding conservation work for years, fighting a continuous battle to ensure endangered species are not only saved but thrive. But who are these individuals and what has inspired them to devote their life to saving these animals? The Weather Channel’s new HD web series ‘Brink’ documentaries explains all.

Brink - The Weather Channel - Jaguar

Telling the stories of 6 fearless environmentalists, ‘Brink’ is a powerful collection of thought provoking, inspiring documentaries, which pulls no punches with its content.

More than a collection of graphic images and emotive statements Viagra to shock, ‘Brink’ manages to balance provocative imagery alongside beautiful cinematography and impassioned narrative, from the campaigners themselves, to create short documentaries that fully explain the challenges and impact of our ever-evolving environmental, climatic and human interactions.

Brink - The Weather Channel - Asiatic Bear

Following the plight of black rhinos in Africa poached for their ‘valued’ horn, Asiatic bears, or ‘moon bears’ as they are also known, being captured and imprisoned for their bile, to the decline of jaguars due to the impact of the development across Central and South America, ‘Brink’ highlights the difficulties species across our globe are facing now.

Launching on The Weather Channel’s new online HD video platform: Weather Films, ‘Brink’ comprises of the following short-form webisodes:

Episode 1: A Boy’s Promise
Episode 2: Caged for Nothing
Episode 3: Public Slaughter
Episode 4: Poacher Hell
Episode 5: Dolphins for Dinner
Episode 6: It’s About Love

To give you a flavour of ‘Brink’ here’s a short clip.

As well as being available to view online you can also catch up on Weather Films using your smart phone or tablet, to watch ‘Brink’ click here.

The Weather Channel - Brink

Aiming to bring their renowned weather and environmental content to users wherever they be, with the introduction of Weather Films, The Weather Channel will be able connect with its global audience across all media, in 40 languages, sharing forecasts, engaging stories and data which openly depicts our interaction with the weather, environment and the effects on our natural world.

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