England’s Worst Fly-tippers – tips to recycle large appliances

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You may be surprised to learn, that despite the government and independent organizations working hard to improve recycling rates, fly-tipping continues to be a huge problem in certain parts of the country. In fact, according to report undertaken by AnyJunk.co.uk and ApplianceOnline, 1 in 15 people in Newcastle fly-tip and a staggering 1 in 6 people fly-tip in Newham, London giving the borough the disappointing title of England’s Worst Fly-tippers.

So how can you ensure that when one of your large appliances needs replacing you don’t add to this ugly, environmental problem?

Here are my top tips:

WEEE with your electrical retailer

When you purchase your new appliance, your retailer has a responsibility through the Government’s WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directive to recycle your old appliance. For a small fee, ranging from £9.99 to £25.00, they will collect and dispose of your appliance (like for like) in an environmentally-friendly way. Alternatively, some retailers will allow you to return an old appliance to their collection depot free of charge, once they have delivered your new appliance to you.

Recycle-More at your local recycling centre

If you can safely transport it yourself, take your appliance to your nearest recycling centre. A simple way to check if your local centre will take your appliance is to check out http://www.recycle-more.co.uk/banklocator/. Just type in your postcode and tick the appropriate box, e.g. Cooling Appliances, the website will display a local map with full contact details and directions to your nearest recycling centre.

Environmentally-friendly removal services

If you have no transport and are not buying a replacement appliance, you can also hire a junk removal service to dispose of your appliance. However, to ensure your appliance is removed, stored and disposed of safely and in an environmentally-friendly manner, make sure the company you use is registered with The Environment Agency, has a full license and is insured to undertake waste collection and disposal.
To find out if your borough is a recycling hero or fly-tipping offender, check out this ‘Fly tipping Heat Map’.

England’s Worst Fly-tippers – An infographic by the team at Appliances Online

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The fly tipping stats in England are pretty shocking! There is no excuse for it! We’re running a survey on the UK’s most Rubbish City to name and shame across the UK. Which city would you vote for?


Thanks for sharing the infographic! We will need to create one to include Scotland :-)


Thanks for your feedback Jamie, yes the fly-tipping stats are shocking indeed. If you’d like to feature your company on my site, drop me a line and we can discuss this further. Best, Lyndsey


This, unfortunately and inevitably, is what happens when a fairly simple free-market system is replaced by a state bureaucracy: everything becomes harder, more complicated, less efficient. And much more expensive.


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