Show your magical side this Pancake Day with Lyle’s Golden Syrup

Pancake day with Bompass and Parr and Lyle's Golden Syrup

As you will know, Pancake day (which is on 8th of March) is traditionally the time that indulgent foods such as eggs, dairy and fats were given up for Lent. To ensure all of these foods were not wasted, Christians would make pancakes and enjoy a celebratory meal on Shrove Tuesday, the day before the 40 days and nights of fasting commenced on Ash Wednesday.

Still popular today, many people up and down the country enjoy flipping pancakes for their family, but not many of us are that adventurous with our toppings. Well this year Lyle’s Golden Syrup may have the answer.

Teaming up with food inventors Bompas and Parr, last week Lyle’s Golden Syrup hosted a Morning of Food and Magic to launch a series of magic recipes and tricks that you can make at home using ingredients found in your kitchen. And, if the pancakes and show I experienced is anything to go by, these will be sure to make your family ‘flip’ with excitement.

Creating recipes including Golden Syrup Jelly and Golden, Golden Syrup, the food alchemists, who have worked with internationally famous architects, chefs and film directors (such as Lord Foster, Heston Blumenthal and Peter Greenaway respectively) are true fan’s of Golden Syrup.

“Lyle’s is a magical British treasure,” said Sam Bompas. “Its density means no food behaves in quite the same way, which makes it the perfect medium with which to perform magic. “Many culinary techniques we use today result from experiments conducted by alchemists many centuries before. Of course in years’ past many an alchemist will have been burned at the stake for committing what would be seen as heresy. I’m trusting that we won’t suffer a similar fate.”

Staged at the Magic Circle Headquarters in London, Bompas & Parr performed a fabulous show complete with exploding treacle tins and glow-in-the dark drinks. As it was half term, I was able to take my 8 year old son to the event and he had a wonderful time. He got to take part in some magic tricks with James Freedman who was also entertaining the guests and even got himself on air with Chris Evan’s on BBC Radio 2 telling him all about his day. Here’s the clip (he’s on at about 52 mins) Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2

So this year, why not add a little magic to your leftover treat and get creative in the kitchen. Here’s a recipe you might like for starters:

Fractal Golden Syrup

Lyle’s Golden Syrup
• Red or blue food colouring
• A pipette or dropper (available from most chemists)
• Water

1. Adjust your Lyle’s Golden Syrup by adding 1 part water for 30 parts Lyle’s Golden Syrup. Add it slowly. The Lyle’s Golden Syrup should not become runny. Tipping the bowl will not spill the syrup. Conversely, enough water should be added so that the syrup is stirable and does not ball up.

2. Mix 10 drops red food colouring with 4 drops water. For blue food colouring mix 10 drops food colouring to 2 drops water.

3. Spread a thin layer of Lyle’s Golden Syrup mixture on a flat plate, an even and smooth layer is better, using the back of a spoon.

4. Run an extremely hot wet knife through the plate of syrup in a star shape from the centre outwards.

5. Take a dropper or “pipette” of colouring solution, place a small drop in the centre of the syrup. Allow to spread, explaining to the eaters that it’s a fractal pattern. You can also make a pattern by making small swirls on the syrup and adding different colours.

6. Once the dispersion slows, scrape the golden syrup in the plate and quickly serve on a pre–prepared pancake. Beware this is quite tricky!

Tip: If food colouring doesn’t spread and stays as a globule: Add more water to food colouring (1-2 more drops).
If no fractal pattern appears and colouring diffuses out: Add less water to food colouring.
If syrup is uneven and hard to spread: Add more water or warm the syrup slightly.
If syrup spreads very easily and colouring does not form fractal pattern: Add less water, or cool syrup in fridge.

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