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A little while ago you may recall that Radflek got in touch to ask if I’d review their radiator reflectors. I have to say, not only was I impressed by the quality of the product, I was also pleasantly surprised at how easy they were to install and how, almost immediately, I could notice a difference in the heat output from my radiators.

Well, I am now pleased to let you know that Radflek has kindly offered all of you, my Queen of Easy Green™ readers, an exclusive discount offer. To find out how you can claim this limited, exclusive discount and to explain further how their radiator reflectors could help you reclaim your home’s heat, here’s a few words from Radflek themselves.

With freezing weather upon us, we’re all looking for ways to keep our homes warm without cranking up the heating – and our energy bills. Radflek radiator reflectors can help you get more out of your radiators, keep your home warmer and reduce energy waste.

Most radiators direct some 40 per cent of their radiated heat towards the wall behind. Radflek reflects 95% of this wasted heat back into the room (primarily into the radiator) so that the radiator maintains its operating temperature using less energy with a lower load on the boiler. This allows households to turn the thermostat down and save on heating bills.

Radflek reflectors are low cost and simple to install and remove. Depending on the wall and the heating energy source, Radflek can pay for itself in under a year.

Radflek’s most popular five sheet (10 radiator) pack which is usually enough for a three-bed property normally costs £24.99 (plus P&P), but Queen of Easy Green followers can receive a 15 per cent discount reducing the price to £21.24 + P&P.

Great for the environment as well as your pocket, Radflek comes recommended by The Energy Saving Trust and will last for at least 60 years. There’s no sticking, radiator removal or DIY required: simply hang Radflek from your radiator’s brackets. To find out just how easy they are to install, take a look at my review here, Reclaim your home’s heat and save money.

Visit and enter code QEG1513 at checkout or call 020 7828 8085 before February 3rd.

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