Save 10% On Your Heating Bills Forever By Boosting Your Boiler

With energy bills now at the highest they have been in UK history, a brand-new device for the home has launched that is set to save people 10% on their heating bills for a lifetime – and make their homes greener in the process.

Boostaboiler uses proven magnetic technology to enhance your boiler’s efficiency while reducing fuel consumption. Less fuel means reduced bills and typical savings have been calculated at around £74 each year*. With Boostaboiler’s unlimited lifespan, the savings are endless, cutting your bills each and every year forever. It will also help reduce your carbon footprint, saving a typical household 370kg of CO₂ each year – that’s the equivalent of flying from London to Edinburgh!

The device has been developed by fuel conditioning experts Magnatech Ltd. The company has been saving large companies millions of pounds on their fuel bills for a number of years – and thanks to Boostaboiler, savvy UK savers can now benefit from the technology in their own homes. Magnatech Director, Ian Gander, says: “The great news for busy people looking for simple ways to save is that Boostaboiler is quick and easy to install yourself – it simply straps onto your boiler pipe for instant savings. It’s truly a case of fit, forget and save forever.

“As energy prices continue to soar, we wanted to bring this device to UK homes and not only help the nation cut their bills, but also make a positive impact on the environment. The best part is, the savings never stop and will continue to grow as energy costs go up. Boostaboiler can also be fitted wherever you move to next. Since it lasts forever, you really can enjoy a lifetime of savings.”

How does it work?

Boostaboiler uses a powerful magnetic field that causes your boiler to work more efficiently and reduces fuel consumption. It works by increasing the temperature at which the fuel burns without any damage to your heating system. Fuel burns more efficiently at a higher temperature, with less wastage – meaning your home reaches the desired temperature more quickly, and your boiler is on for less time. You burn less fuel, and cut your heating bills and carbon footprint all in one easy step.

Boostaboiler has been independently verified by the Environmental Technologies Verification Scheme (Tritech ETV) and is guaranteed to reduce fuel consumption by at least 6% – with most customers reporting a saving in excess of 10% – meaning it could pay for itself in as little as one year!

Most homes, however big or small, will benefit from a Boostaboiler and it will work alongside all types of hydro carbon burning boilers (gas, oil and LPG). To see in seconds which model is suitable for your home, visit the Boostaboiler website. Each model comes with straightforward installation instructions and everything you need to fit it yourself in just a few minutes. You do not need to change your boiler or energy supplier and it is totally maintenance-free – delivering instant savings for a lifetime.

Boostaboiler costs from £97.60 (including P&P) and comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. For more information, visit

*Based on the average annual gas bill of £740 (BBC news 2011) and typical Boostaboiler savings of 10% (Magnatech tests)

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Phil Crowe

I think it is extremely unlikely that the “BoostaBoiler” has any effect whatsoever.
There is certainly no scientific evidence available.
The claims of EU certification are also very dubious.
I think you really need to investigate further before repeating their claims on your site.


Hi Phil

Thank you for your feedback. To ensure you get a full and satisfactory answer to your comments, I have invited Boostaboiler to reply to you direct. Here is their response:

Dear Lyndsey

Thank you for forwarding on the observations of Mr Crowe.

Obviously I have no knowledge of Mr Crowe’s background or experience with our products. I can only comment on facts. Our Boostaboiler product has been developed by Magnatech from over ten years of practical applications in many of the UK’s and the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, food producers and our Armed forces establishments. They have all carried out their own independent and carefully monitored trials and have been more than satisfied with the results. Our product has always been supported by a full money back guarantee should a client not be satisfied with the results, these clients have always been satisfied. We guarantee a minimum saving of at least 6% fuel reduction but most clients report savings in excess of 10%. These large fuel consumers usually obtain payback within 12 months of installation. For the home owner using a boostaboiler this may be a little longer as they are not running a 24/7 operation!

The Magnatech technology was selected as an emerging technology to be verified by the EU’s pilot project TRITECH, the aim of this project was to create guidelines for the verification of emerging technologies that might face market scepticism as they were not widely recognised. Companies in the project made a claim and this was then investigated by experts. In our case we claimed a minimum of 6% reduction in fuel consumption on gas or oil fired boilers using our technology. The investigating company Mouchel confirmed this and we were awarded our Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Certificate.
More information regarding this can be found on . If anyone would like a copy of the certificate, the report, some of our case studies or a scientific paper on this topic then please contact us. The ETV full programme is likely to be rolled out across Europe in the next 12 months.

Please also see :

As a matter of interest we have recently installed our units at the HQ of OFGEM in London and are about to roll out across the Centrica (British Gas) administrative buildings following their successful trials.

Yours sincerely

Ian Gander MEd FRSA

Managing Director
Magnatech Fuel Conditioning Ltd

Phil Crowe

Dear Lyndsey,

First of all have a look at this link to a an engineer’s site
Although most of the page concerns magnetic devices for vehicles (which Magnatech also produce),
the last paragraph is specifically aimed at domestic boilers.
The point is that there is no published evidence to show that any of these devices work at all.
Speaking as a physicist I know of no mechanism by which they could possibly work.
I would, however love to be proved wrong. If I thought that the Boostaboiler worked I would be the first to buy one.
Unfortunately there is no published independent evidence to show that it does work.
The Tritech ETV scheme mentioned was a pilot project that closed in 2009 and it’s data
does not appear to be available anywhere.
Needless to say, anecdotal information or testimonials do not constitute evidence.
It’s not as though it would be difficult to prove that the device worked if it did.
I’m sure a university engineering department could be found that would love to test it.

Phil Crowe


Dear Lyndsey
Thank you passing on Mr Crowe’s comments. I appreciate his continued interest in our products.
The site referred to does not mention Magnatech, we use the most powerful magnets available to give us consistent results. Mr Crowe says we make vehicle units, we do not. Just units for boilers.
As mentioned in my reply above if Mr Crowe or anyone else would like a copy of the verification report and data used as well as a certificate then we would be very happy to provide it – please contact us directly.
Regarding scientific papers we can also provide more information from a paper published by Elsevier regarding this process.
We are a business that deals with companies and individuals to save them money by using less fuel. We offer a 100% guarantee of a full refund if any client should not find the anticipated savings and our products have been trialled by some of the largest companies in the world. If they had not been satisfied then we certainly would not still be offering our products to other companies, or the general public. As a matter of interest we are in discussions, very early stages, with a boiler manufacturer. Also there are a couple of UK universities who have approached us and are keen to use our units for some project work these should be underway later in the year.
Yours sincerely

Phil Crowe

The trouble is that none of this can be verified!
If the Boostaboiler has been around for over 3 years then how come the boiler manufacturers aren’t clamouring to licence it.
Modern domestic boilers are around 90% efficient, so a 10% increase in efficiency would make them 100% efficient.
That would break the laws of thermodynamics, so there is a Nobel prize in physics awaiting the person who can achieve that!
This link involves a similar device (though I’m sure that the Boostaboiler is different in some crucial way!). The comment section is particularly revealing.

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