Stylish, environmentally-friendly, healthy paint from Earthborn

Earthborn natural paint

Living green is dull?  Nothing could be further from the truth, especially when it comes to environmentally friendly home decorating.

Continuing my quest to decorate my home using only green products, eco-friendly paint is a must-have to ensure my home is not only beautiful, but healthy too.

As you may be aware, many paints contain VOCs  (Volatile Organic Compounds) a combination of chemical compounds, solvents, binders and additives, which make up the liquid constituent of the paint, are used to hold pigment and resist mildew and frost.

However, did you know these toxic chemicals are not only potentially harmful when paint is first applied, they can still be harmful up to 5 years after application?

Which means compounds such as Formaldehyde and Benzene could be leaching harmful fumes into your home, night and day for years!

Fortunately, legislation is now in place to restrict the amount of VOCs allowed in paint products and there are more low VOC and no VOC products coming onto the market place, including the trailblazing brand, Earthborn.

With over 20 years of innovation in the paint industry and the first UK brand to be awarded the prestigious EU Ecolabel, Earthborn paints are totally VOC free and gorgeous to boot.

With no nasties, pungent niffs or harmful emissions, Earthborn natural paints are rich, creamy and are a delight to paint with and come a stunning range of mellow finishes. From the warm tones of Muddy Boots to the vibrant The Lido, not forgetting sweet Cupcake, every little (and big) girls dream bedroom colour, Earthborn has sixty timeless shades that work across any interior platform.

I’ve had the pleasure of sampling a pot of their summery ‘Fuggles’ in Eggshell and I can confirm the fabulous reputation that Earthborn is fast gaining, is well deserved.

Earthborn eco paint

Totally oil-free, Earthborn’s Eggshell paint has fantastic coverage and dries super-fast to a subtle, silky smooth sheen. Also, being almost odourless (it may be hard to believe but their paint only has the very slightest smell similar to powder paint which you may remember from your school days) and totally free of any harmful chemicals, it is ideal for any interior woodwork. I’m using my sample to paint a wooden desk I’m upcycling for my bedroom (photos to follow soon) so I can sleep easy knowing I’m not breathing in any nasty smells or harmful chemicals for years to come.

Earthborn environmentally-friendly paint

Another great feature of Earthborn’s eco paint is that it has such good coverage multiple coats are not necessary, saving both time and money into the bargain. I only used one coat of Eggshell on my furniture and achieved the same results (if not better), than when I’ve previously used another brand. Don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself.

Earthborn green paint

Finally, cleaning up, as Earthborn’s Eggshell paint is oil-free, rather than having the hassle of soaking brushes in toxic white spirit and safely disposing of it once done, all you need to do is simply wash your brush in cold water – job done, in a fraction of the time.

So, if you are looking for a stunning, designer, hardwearing and high performance paint that is sustainable, healthier and beautiful, I can thoroughly recommend Earthborn natural paint.

What’s in store for AW13 from Earthborn?

Taking their inspiration from dramatic skies and hearty walks, Earthborn’s new collection, including The Yorkshire Moors features the earthy tones of Dark Cocoa and warmth of Inglenook – here’s a sneak peak.

To find out more about Earthborn paints, visit their gorgeous website at or  ‘like’ their Facebook page here

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