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Vitabella - natural beauty products

Cold weather, central heating and let’s face it, being the wrong side of 40, means my once youthful skin has lost some of it’s suppleness to make way for a few more wrinkles and, dare I admit it, chinkles (chin wrinkles, for the uninitiated).

As I have always done, I apply my daily moisturisers morning and night, I drink plenty of water, eat fresh fruit and vegetables and exercise daily, but unfortunately the fact remains when nature decides you’ve reach a ‘certain time’, no matter what you do, your skin will get drier and wrinkles become, well, more prominent.

One way to give my skin (and mood) a little boost is to treat myself and what better way than to indulge in a spa treatment. But rather than don a fluffy white robe in day spa, I’ve enjoyed the indulgence of a spa, courtesy of VitaBella’s Spa treatment in a box.

VitaBella is an award-winning green beauty brand that prides itself on creating natural anti-aging skincare products based on organic aloe vera gel infused with essential oils.

Vitabella - natural beauty productsMade in southern Italy, VitaBella has been inspired by and is created using aloe vera plants which grow amongst century old olive groves, lavender, rosemary and orange groves, which form the basis of their organic, handmade skincare range.

The Spa treatment in a box, which I was sent to review, is quite a treat. Containing a soft fabric beauty mask, hydration complex and hydrating face cream, the kit had everything you need to give your skin a boost. Using the easy to follow step by step instructions printed on the inside of the box lid, I poured the aloe vera, argan oil, hibiscus seed and wheatgream complex over the fabric face mask and carefully placed it on my face.

Vitabella - natural beauty facial

After 10 minutes, the recommended time, I peeled off the mask to reveal a fresher and slightly plumper skin. I then applied a small amount of the very light hydrating cream, which quickly absorbed into my skin and my treatment was complete.

With only one application, I have been very impressed with VitaBella. Not only is it a totally natural way to hydrate your skin, it is simple, mess-free and it completely works.

The biodegradable face mask is a pleasure to wear, unlike some masks which ‘freeze’ your face, it lightly, yet securely stayed in place whilst my skin absorbed the complex. The solutions also smelt divine, the fresh scent of the hydration complex added to the overall pleasure of the mask experience and the light, floral, slightly yogurty hydration cream smelt good enough to eat.

VitaBella has left my skin feeling softer, more supple and hydrated. Visibly refreshed my skin looks plumper and also, to my delight, my fine lines and wrinkles are not as prominent.

With 9 out of 10 women who have tested VitaBella concurring that the hydrating face mask is good or very good for effectiveness, at just £20 a treatment VitaBella’s beauty facial in a box is a must-have for those of us who want to naturally fight the aging process.

For more information on VitaBella and to see their full range of natural beauty products head over to

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