Sainsbury’s slays Dragons with eco-credentials

Keen to share their eco-credential news, the PR team at Sainsbury’s have been in touch to tell me (and my readers) that they will be the first retailer to fully integrate its corporate responsibility and financial performance in its 2011 annual report.

To further make this point they’ve brought together a prince, two dragons and four chief executives to highlight how being green is good for business in a film created in support of HRH Prince Charles’s ‘Accounting for Sustainability’ initiative. In the film, Deborah Meaden and Theo Paphitis appear as ‘eco-warriors’ who set out to take top business leaders to task about saving the planet. Over the course of their journey, they are surprised to learn that businesses are already doing a great deal in this area because environmentalism makes sound business sense.

Here’s the video and some more information from Sainsbury’s – I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

‘Accounting for Sustainability’ was set up by HRH Prince Charles in 2004 with the aim of ensuring that sustainability is embedded in organisations’ DNA.

Sainsbury’s has long recognised that saving carbon can result in significant cost savings and is also inextricably linked to our long term sustainability of its business. The supermarket is therefore announcing today that it will be the first retailer to fully integrate its corporate responsibility and financial performance in its 2011 annual report.

Ben Eavis, Sainsbury’s corporate responsibility manager, said: “At Sainsbury’s we understand that our customers want us to be a responsible and sustainable retailer. We have long recognised that the drive towards sustainability does not necessarily mean an increase in our running costs, and actually improves profitability through improved energy efficiency for example.

“In the last few years our environmental initiatives have delivered great savings and have helped our suppliers to be more sustainable and more profitable as a result.

“By combining our environmental performance with our progress in the field of sustainability, not only do we demonstrate how the two are inextricably linked, we also make our business more transparent for customers and shareholders alike.”

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Becky (Babybudgeting)

Intersting video (made me laugh too) but is it a bit too self satisfied e.g we are doing it already rather than looking to the future?) I suppose I am thinking about the ipact on local shops and communities of the big supermarkets?


Thank Becky, yes, I agree, it’s important that we’re not too self-congratulatory, but that we all continue to strive to keep on improving. However, with supermarkets being such a presence in many people’s lives, it’s heartening to see that ‘green’ issues are now having more prominence in their policy making – long may it continue.


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