Mobilize the Earth for Earth Day 2012

The first Earth Day, on April 22, 1970, activated 20 million Americans from all walks of life to speak out against the deterioration of the environment and demand change. As a result, the Environmental Protection Agency was created, the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts were passed, and the modern environmental movement was born.

Today, more than 1 billion people in 192 countries participate in Earth Day activities each year, making it the largest civic observance in the world. This year, in the face of global inaction on pressing environmental problems, we must harness that power.

Earth Day Network is calling upon individuals, organizations, businesses and governments to Mobilize the Earth™ and demand that environmental issues become a top priority.

Here at the Queen of Easy Green™ we are joining the mobilization by making sure every local journey we need to make, will be made on bicycle or on foot.

It’s time for our leaders put us on the path to environmental sustainability and jumpstart the new green economy.

Join us on Earth Day, April 22, 2012, as we Mobilize the Earth™ and demand action from the world leaders. With your help, we will marshal A Billion Acts of Green®, organize rallies around the globe, gather petitions, register voters and build the support necessary to enact change.

Watch this video:

And go to to join the movement and help make a difference!

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