Energyshare – Sheffield Renewables need your vote

As you may know, if you’ve seen my latest article for At Home magazine, I am proud to be championing social enterprise co-operative, Sheffield Renewables, in their bid to win £100,000 of funding from British Gas and River Cottage’s initiative, energyshare.

Sheffield Renewables was formed by a group of local volunteers in 2007 who want to see a greener city, with more renewable energy and their plans are to develop, own and operate a community owned hydro-electric scheme at Jordan Dam on the River Don, near Meadowhall.

Currently raising £500,000 to build this scheme, Jordan Dam Hydro will generate as much electricity as used by 80 homes, which will save about 170 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year and any profits from the selling the electricity will help to develop other energy schemes.

Sheffield Renewables’ is financially supported by local investors buying shares in the scheme, who receive a modest return complemented by wider social benefits. This type of funding ensures that Jordan Dam Hydro and Sheffield Renewables’ future projects will be controlled and owned by the community. When completed, Jordan Dam Hydro is expected to be the largest community owned hydro project in the UK.

Chosen from hundreds of community projects nationwide, Sheffield Renewables are now in the last round of the energyshare competition and need your votes to help them secure their win.

To find out more about the scheme, how it will benefit their local community and their bid for energyshare funding, I headed off to Sheffield to meet two of the team, Mark Ellis and Luke Wilson

Here’s what they had to tell me.

To register your support, just follow these simple steps:

1. Go to

2. Left click on the ‘Vote’ button next to ‘Sheffield Renewables’

3. Follow the instructions on screen

If you would like more help with voting, please see our photo guide, available through Facebook at (you do not need to have a Facebook account to view it)

Don’t forget to vote as soon as possible and spread the word before the deadline, 5pm Saturday 3rd December.

Anyone voting can also become a winner – River Cottage is giving away 5 books every day to voters. Plus, for the energyshare Group that gets the most supporters voting, they can scoop a £1,000 cash prize.

So please, get involved now!

This is a sponsored opportunity on behalf of British Gas

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