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For many families, the rising costs for everyday living are getting higher and higher, making normal living harder as the days go on. Well never fear! We have some top tips that can help you to cut back on costs as well as going green, so you can do your bit for the environment.

Car Share

Travel costs are extremely expensive and, with the rising fuel costs, the huge dent it makes in your wallet can set you back quite a bit. Car sharing is a great way to save money on fuel costs if you work with someone nearby, or you could create a rota system with the parents of some of the children in your area for the school run.

Not only will this make a noticeable difference in your travel costs, but by car sharing you will be emitting less CO2 emissions into the air, causing less pollution and reducing your carbon footprint.

Grow Your Own

Creating a small vegetable patch in the garden can not only save you money but can introduce you to a hobby. Start simple with things like tomatoes, carrots and potatoes which are easy to grow. By growing your own fruit and veg you can save a little on your grocery shop, ensuring that you have that little bit left over to save or spend on other things you may need.

This will encourage you to eat at home rather than eating out as you want to make use of the produce you have worked hard to grow. It also means that you know what ingredients are being included in your food and where they come from.

Upgrade To A Biomass Boiler

Heating your home is an expensive process, as well as not exactly being great for the environment. However many homes are now installing biomass boilers to heat their homes as they can be linked up to hot water or central heating systems. As they burn wood, animal waste, high energy plants and food, they produce a much lower amount of carbon dioxide than fossil fuels do. This means less pollution is being produced and the amount of waste going into landfills will also be reduced.

Biomass boilers are much more efficient and depending on your old boiler you could save between £105-£300 a year. The government will also be introducing the RHI scheme in March 2014 which means for every unit of renewable heat your home produces you will receive a financial incentive.

Check Your Homes Energy Efficiency

There is no point in heating up your home if the heat is escaping through a number of exits, which is why you need to check the efficiency of your home. With 26% of heat being lost through your roof and 33% of heat being lost through your walls, it is no wonder your energy bills are so high. By insulating these areas you can save on your energy bills, meaning a potential combined annual saving of £365.

You should also check that there are no cracks or gaps around your windows where heat can escape or draughts can blow in; make sure everything is properly sealed to ensure that your home is as energy efficient as possible. You should also switch to energy efficient lighting to reduce your electricity bills.

By making some of these small changes in your everyday lives, you can not only save yourselves a lot of money, but you will be doing your part to make the environment a much better place.

This post was written by Ekta Mair who couldn’t keep up with the rising cost of her energy bills which is why she decided to contact Air Plants Heating to install her much more energy efficient Biomass Boiler.

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