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Spoka LED night light

With lighting accounting for 14% of a typical household’s electricity bill, it is no wonder that switching traditional light fittings to more energy efficient light bulbs is one of the first choices families wishing to save first consider.

Unfortunately, due to the lack lustre incandescence of the first bulbs available, many people still have a negative impression of energy saving bulbs and are slow to make this simple swap, meaning they’re potentially wasting hundreds of pounds over the lifetime of the bulbs in their home.

I’d already replaced my energy guzzling halogen lights with LED’s, but I knew there was more I could do and thanks to the talented designers at IKEA, not only have I been able save even more energy, I have brought a range of useful, fun lighting solutions into my home.

stotta led spotlight

As my children have grown, I wanted to switch off the landing light during the night. However, as the switch is inconveniently positioned for those on a nighttime wander, this hasn’t been possible. Luckily, a simple, energy saving solution to this problem has come in the form of the Stotta LED spotlights. Conveniently sited on the ceiling, the rechargeable, battery-operated passive infrared sensor light automatically illuminates the landing ensuring a trip-free passage is guaranteed.

The Stotta has also proved invaluable in our under-the-stairs shoe cupboard, automatically illumination means once forgotten shoes can be easily found and put away!

Spoka LED night lightThe other funky night lights we all love are Spoka, glowing a soothing rainbow of colours these cute lights are the perfect addition any kids’ bedrooms, big or small.

Directional spot lights are not something that I had previously considered in my kitchen, however after seeing IKEA’s Bave, I promptly changed my mind. Sleek and discreet, Bave is the perfect addition. Three 500 lumen spots (40watts) warmly, yet brightly light the room, ensuring there are no ‘dark corners’ whilst still retaining a cosy feel.

Our garden has recently had a makeover and the addition of decorative lighting was something I was keen to include on my wishlist.

Solarvet LED solar outdoor lights

Fortunately IKEA has a beautiful range to choose from and being truly girly at heart, solar powered ‘fairy lights’ were top of my list. On my pagoda and bamboo plant, my garden now comes life with delicate beads of light when the sun goes down. I love them.

At the end of the project, what have I learnt and as importantly, what have I saved? As I had hoped, living Lagom has been a real breeze, with stylish, affordable, green living products that fit seamlessly into my life, I am even more efficient in my day to day routine. Not only that, my children can now contribute, for example, they help reduce unnecessary laundry. Living Lagom has also created calm out of chaos – tasks which took effort have now been streamlined. Clothes are voluntarily hung up, recycling is effortlessly collected and lighting automatically switches off, meaning we save energy, money and of course, time.

As far as actual savings on our energy bill, according to our Loop Energy Saver Monitor, these simple light switches alone will save us an incredible £86 a year. Couple this with the savings we are making by reducing our laundry, £63, we will be better off by £149 every year!

As LiveLAGOM proves, living a more sustainable life is achievable. No drastic lifestyle changes are needed, no expensive redesigns are necessary, just simple, affordable switches can make a positive difference to your life, your pocket and of course, the world around you.


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