Celebrate the Royal Wedding with the Queen of Easy Green

If you, like me, are one of the thousands who will be celebrating the Royal Wedding this Friday, here are five super easy green tips to make sure your celebrations don’t leave you with a wasteful party aftermath.

1. Portion control. Only prepare and cook what you will eat. It sounds so simple, but then it is always so easy to over-cater at parties. But this time, be realistic about what everyone will eat. If you’re unsure, calculate an average plate-worth of food, then multiple it by the number of guests.

2. Try not to be tempted into buying disposables. Yes, they can look fab and funky, but they are incredibly wasteful too. If you’ve not got enough crockery to go around, get everyone to bring a small selection of dishes themselves. If you’re out and about, choose eco-friendly, biodegradable ‘crockery’ instead –once used these can simply be put on your compost heap.

3. Make homemade where possible. That way you will reduce unnecessary packaging and it’ll be far tastier, healthier and less expensive too. A great way to get a mix of dishes for your party and to save time, is to get everyone to contribute at least one dish. Another bonus is that everyone will get a taste of their favourite dish.

4. That goes for drinks too. Avoid small bottles of pre-mixed cordials and cocktails – make your own instead. Buy large undiluted cordials and mixers then create your own celebratory concoctions. Don’t forget to recycle the empty bottles afterwards.

5. Finally, my favourite – leftovers. Take your fresh leftovers and put in the fridge or freezer (if not previously frozen) as soon as possible. Leftover fresh meat, vegetables and fruit can all be enjoyed over the next couple of days, either as sandwich fillings, soups, smoothies, curries etc – in fact the list is endless. For lots of ideas on what to do with your leftovers, pop over to www.lovefoodhatewaste.com for some terrific recipe suggestions.

Have a great party!

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