Businesses that Green our World – Fresh Therapies, Eden natural nail polish remover

Fresh Therapies natural nail polish remover

After a little break, I’m pleased to announce that my Businesses that Green Our World series is back on track and this month I’d like to introduce you to Nicola Dickinson, founder and owner of eco-friendly beauty brand, Fresh Therapies Ltd.

We all like to look good, but as you’ll know if you’ve read my previous posts, sometimes the beauty products that we see on our high street are full of  nasty chemicals which are not only harmful to the environment, but to our health too.

One lady who understood this all too well was Nicola Dickinson, after working in the beauty industry herself and being frustrated at not being able to source an all-natural nail polish remover, she decided to make her own. Here’s her story.

Firstly, tell me a little more about you and your background.

I’m Nicola Dickinson owner of Fresh Therapies Ltd, based in Hampshire. I’ve lived in Hampshire for the past 20 or so years after moving away from London.

After working several types of office jobs and being really bored and uninspired. It was after having my second child that I decided to retrain.

I was always fascinated by massage so decided to go on an evening course and that was the start of a new career basically.

I then went on to gain my beauticians qualifications whilst working part time, once qualified I gained employment at the age of 35 as a beauty therapist.

Nicola Dickinson - Fresh TherapiesThat was quite an experience, it was nerve wracking, especially having to go for a job interview after so many years!

But I only lasted 2 years and found there was so much about the salon industry I didn’t like. Yet still wanted to be in the trade, so with a friend we started Fresh Therapies in 2006.

How did you come up with the idea?

I knew I needed to find a way that was going to make me different from the rest of the salons around. The answer came from reading a magazine and I knew I had to be using organic skincare, even though I didn’t really know much about natural and organic skincare.

I did my research and was astounded by what I was finding out about the chemicals etc., that I was putting into my body, it shocked me.

So with all this newly invested information I started on my journey.

Explain what your product is and what problem it solves?

The more and more I found out and investigated other products, I realised that nail polish remover was the only product I was using in the salon that wasn’t natural. So I set out to find one although this proved so much more difficult than I thought. After quite some time I decided that I would have to make my own, but I didn’t have the chemistry knowledge or know how to do this.

So, with the help of the long lost Business Link, we found a company that could meet all my criteria for the UK’s first made natural nail polish remover.

My product, Eden Natural nail polish remover, is made from plant and vegetable based extracts, no chemicals or toxins. It has a nice hint of lime to its aroma and is clear like water.

Due to its lack of chemicals it does not dry out your nails after using, unlike conventional polish removers, and this in turn helps prevent your nails from becoming weak, dry, dehydrated and brittle. There is no lingering after chemical smell either.

It’s highly suited to those with sensitive skins and perfect for pregnant ladies who wish to avoid chemicals. It is also gentle for the nails of those receiving medical treatment and is a great way to introduce younger ladies on how to look after their nails more naturally.

Our Natural Nail Polish Remover is not tested on animals and is suitable for vegans too.

What has been your proudest moment to date?

My proudest moment to date would have to be receiving my first batch of the product. Seeing the bottles in their box ready to sell to the public was just breath taking.

What has been your biggest success to date?

My biggest success to date was winning the Vegfest award for Best Beauty Vegan product 2013. There were 10 companies in the category and the main two were Lush Cosmetics and Jason products.

I was sure I was not going to win against such large companies, but I did and I’m so proud and grateful for that moment.

What are your plans for 2014?

The plans for 2014 are to have the hand care range complete, probably five products and start planning a foot care range.

Where can people buy/ find out more about your product?

The product can be found online with stockist through out the UK and Europe.

Fresh Therapies all natural nail polisher remover wipes

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Rachel Craig

I think relaxing with slices of cooled cucumber on my eyes. As I am sure this eases puffiness around the eyes.

Heather Haigh

Coconut oil – so lovely to use inside and out – and great for a quick instant hair gloss.


Like it Heather! I use Argan Oil on my hair instead of a conditioner – it leaves it feeling very soft and light, unlike conventional conditioner which weighs my hair down. I’ll give coconut oil a try too.

Helen Wakeley

Without a doubt drinking alot of water! i never used to drink enough, and since ive been monitoring it i feel so much healthier! x


bare minerals foundation and lip gloss good to go and lots of water with fresh lemon in


I love this tip Emma, as you may know I’m now an organic oil* convert for my beauty regime, but I’d not tried olive oil to remove eye make up. Will definitely give this a go. *Since reviewing Gamila Secret Daily Herbal Face OIl, here’s my review


Can’t fail with this one Kristy – I first heard about this one in Jackie magazine – yes, I know, I’m showing my age now :)

Ruth Harwood

I drink loads of water and take an hour’s walk in the fresh air every day – the air is very good for skin

Yasmin Matin

I like to cleanse my face with olive oil at least once a week. Takes off make up and leaves it soft.


Oh yes, sleep the most underrated beauty aid of them all Andrew. By the way, if you love a good night’s sleep, you may be interested in a review I did for Penrose Product’s Alpaca bedding – here’s the link:

Carrie Hamilton

Oh gosh. Natural beauty & me is a no-go. Haha!
I do make a lot of homemade products using natural ingredients though.
Oatmeal, honey, yoghurt…. Can make some fab cleansers, exfoliaters etc :)

Patricia Edwards

I rad this and tried it. Add some oatmeal to your bath, best put it in some old tights first, all seemed a palava but it made my skin feel wonderful

jodie harvey

healthy diet, lots of water and a good amount of exercise :)
and always remove make up before bed – nothing worse than smudgy panda eyes


Dip your fingers in warm olive oil to soften your cuticles. Also a few drops of olive oil on a cotton wool ball will remove waterproof mascara :)


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