Colour your senses – Weleda’s new Mindfulness Colouring Book

Weleda's new Mindfulness Colouring BookWith research finding that the average working mum only has a meagre 17 minutes to herself a day, it’s not surprising to learn 86% report they ‘frequently feel stressed’.

Juggling work, family, extended family and home commitments, it seems almost impossible for many of us to take time out of our busy lives. However, for our mental health and wellbeing, taking a moment to ‘pause’ and ‘be in the moment’ is one of the most nourishing things we can do for ourselves.

Mindfulness or ‘being in the present’, the mediative practice which has it’s roots in Buddhism, has been gaining popularity in the last few years. Now being taught in our schools, workplaces, doctor’s prescribing mindfulness treatments and mindfulness apps, there are many ways in which we can learn to do this. But, in fact, many of us have will have already practiced mindfulness without even realising – when we were colouring!

The art of colouring is a wonderful mindful activity, simple and low cost to do it can easily and affordably be woven into our everyday life. Taking the time to focus purely on colouring, we can quieten the ‘noise’ in our lives and be in the present in the calming and mediative moment.

The essence of mindfulness is an appreciation of things being as they are at this very moment and the concept was valued by philosopher and scientist Rudolf Steiner, the inspiration behind the original green beauty brand Weleda, since the early 1920’s.

Weleda's Colour Yourself to Tranquility Mindfulness Colouring BookTo encourage wellbeing and balance in our lives Weleda has produced a beautiful limited-edition colouring book so we can all take a few moments each day to colour our senses and I was kindly invited to the launch event.

Commissioned from artist Lizzie Hobbs, each page in the book is inspired by the botanicals and key ingredients found in Weleda’s ranges. From the bright sunny flowers of calendula inspiring a very British backdrop of Tudor timberwork, medieval floor tiles and embroidery, to the more exotic, intricate pattern inspired by designs of pottery, palm trees and a mosque in Marrakesh, home to the much valued argan oil, each page of this exquisite colouring book takes you through the calendar year.

“The illustrations will hopefully stimulate something positive within people’s spiritual and emotional life … Colouring is one way to put your mind elsewhere and just take time to reflect” Lizzie Hobbs

The colouring book forms part of a unique Christmas gift with a rainbow of Weleda’s fragrant and relaxing body washes – which are also perfect for a moment of ‘me-time’. As Dr Nina Watson, clinical psychologist, massage therapist and mindfulness meditation teacher suggests, having a shower can be a great mindful activity. By deciding that showering is your time to focus solely on your own thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations with kindness, compassion and gentleness – you can be fully present in the moment, calming your mind and rejuvenating your body for the day ahead.Weleda's Luxury Three Drawer Gift Set

So, if you’ve only got a few minutes to yourself everyday, why not give ‘mindfulness’ a go. Rather than worrying about past or future events, take a moment to step out of the ‘doing’ and into the ‘being’ and enjoy the gift of the ‘present’.

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