A green cup of tea?

If you are anything like us at Easy Green Towers, we can’t get through our working day without drinking copious amounts of tea and coffee (Fairtrade, of course). However, as anyone with a smart meter knows kettles are pretty energy hungry appliances. So we were intrigued when Salter contacted us and asked if we would like to try their new eco kettle.

The Salter Precise Illuminated Eco Kettle is a very stylish looking kettle. It is stainless steel and black and would look lovely on anyone’s kitchen counter top. It sits on a sturdy base and any excess cord can be tucked neatly away underneath it. The water gauge is also illuminated so it is easy to see exactly how much water you are putting in it.

So what makes the kettle “eco”? Firstly it has very clear cup markings on the water gauge and it is capable of boiling just one cup. I have found this function very useful as my old kettle wasn’t very clear and I know I often boiled more water than I needed. Secondly the kettle has two temperature settings. If you flick the on switch down it boils the water to 100°c but if you flick it up it heats the water to 85°c. This is perfect for coffee and most herbal teas that shouldn’t be prepared with boiling water. Both these functions effectively save electricity and therefore money.

I’ve been using my kettle in conjunction with a smart plug which I am trying out for Alert Me so I know exactly how much electricity it is using. I have found that by using this kettle I am using half the amount of electricity I was before with my other kettle. I think this is probably because I am now only boiling the water I need, which is good for my pocket and the environment.

The kettle isn’t made from recycled materials, which would improve its eco credentials, but it is definitely a step in the right direction.

If you would like to win one of these kettles, do keep your eye on our competition page as we have one to give away in the New Year.

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