Energy efficiency tips for rented accommodation

energy efficiency tips

If you rent accommodation it can at times seem difficult, if not impossible, to think of ways to reduce your energy consumption and be greener. In the economy today many are struggling to get a foothold on the property ladder or struggling to sell, which constantly increases the rental market. Perhaps you have been renting since your student days and those bad habits have crept in – after all, you probably don’t feel the sense of responsibility towards the property that an owner would. Or maybe you are in a flatshare situation and your flatmate is less responsible than you.

Making small changes can be very simple and effective and guide you to thinking about how to save energy, also saving money at the same time. Here are some energy efficiency steps you can follow to live more responsibly:

Switch off appliances

-Ensure that you switch off appliances including televisions and dishwashers instead of leaving them on standby, and never leave chargers plugged in when you are not using them. A huge proportion of the energy used by mobile phone chargers is actually wasted energy, meaning just a small amount is used to actually charge phones, a shocking figure when you consider how easy it is to pull out a plug from a socket and how many of us are mobile phone users.

Switch off lights

-Always switch off lights when you are not in a room. There is a tendency in some households to leave lights switched on so that even when you are watching television in the living room your bedroom light is shining. There is also a myth that turning a light off and on takes more energy than just leaving the light on the whole time – this is not true, and it’s best to switch off the lights even if you leave the room for just a minute. This is a simple way to cut your energy usage and you should also consider replacing any old light bulbs with the energy saving variety.

Stop heat from escaping

-Close the curtains when it gets dark outside, as this will keep the heat in when the sun is no longer shining through the windows. You could also consider turning your heating down a degree or so as this is an easy method for cutting consumption and cost. There are removable reflective sheets available to place behind radiators to send the heat out into the room rather than into the wall, which is an option if your flat still feels too cold.

For more easy green ways to improve energy efficiency in your home, head over to the Energy Saving Trust‘s website

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