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eco-friendly waste recycling

When it comes to recycling most of us want to do the right thing, unfortunately despite our best intentions too much of our waste is still ending up in landfill.

Confusion as to what can be recycled, storage issues and lack of time are major barriers that prevent many of us from being committed recyclers.

Other reasons that hinder most from regular recycling, particularly with bulky waste, are difficulties with the physical removal of items, lack of transportation and unreliable collections.

Although some local authorities do offer bulky waste collections, these can be limited for up to 5 items a time, a maximum of 3 times a year. Similarly, charities also offer collection services for large preloved household goods, which is a fantastic way to ensure reuse, but they will only accept excellent quality and good working order household furniture and electrical goods, for obvious safety reasons.

But what if your furniture is damaged, broken or is not able to be reused or you have an old electrical appliance that is just too heavy for you to move or you have so much unsorted waste to clear that you’ve just not got the time or energy to do it yourself? How can you clear your clutter and be sure it will disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way?

One answer is, AnyJunk.

AnyJunk eco-friendly waste collection service

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing AnyJunk and am delighted to report that from start to finish the environmentally-friendly rubbish removal service they deliver is first-class.

The eco-friendly alternative to skip hire, AnyJunk are a man and a van service who will remove and dispose of all sorts of bulky waste from your home or garden without you having to lift a finger.

How does AnyJunk work?

To book a free no-obligation visit, just head to their website and fill out the easy to use questionnaire. Using the information you supply, including what type of junk you have, how much there is, where it is located and an appointment time etc., a member of the AnyJunk team will follow up with a call to confirm details and clarify any questions you may have.

Anyjunk two man crew loading waste

Then, on the date you have booked, AnyJunk guarantee they will be at your property in the agreed 2 hour arrival window and, just to make sure you are ready for them, they will give you a call 30 minutes in advance of their arrival. Once there, the friendly 2 man crew will provide you with an exact quote for the removal of your junk and if you’re happy they will clear it there and then. If your not, that’s fine, because all visits are ‘no obligation’. Once the team has cleared your junk, you simply pay them by card. Job done!

eco-friendly man and van rubbish clearance eco-friendly man and van rubbish clearance eco-friendly man and van rubbish clearance

Finally, before the AnyJunk crew leave, they email the all important Waste Transfer Note direct to your inbox, confirming that your junk had been collected by a licensed waste carrier and guaranteeing you that it will be disposed of properly.

Where does the junk go?

So what happens when the junk is cleared, where does it go? AnyJunk guarantee that 88% of the waste they collect will either be reused, recycled or used in ‘waste to energy’ incineration. Good quality furniture, textiles and electrical appliances are passed onto reuse organisations and charities, such as Oxfam and the British Heart Foundation. Recyclables like wood, metal, WEEE are separated at dedicated recycling facilities and general waste, which cannot be easily separated, is taken to Material Recovery Facilities for use as ‘waste to energy’ incineration.

How else is AnyJunk an eco-friendly business?

In addition to reusing and recycling your waste, AnyJunk’s green credentials also extend to minimising the environmental impact of their fleet of vans. As well as guaranteeing your junk removal time slot, AnyJunk’s sophisticated routing system also means that each team’s specially designed, low emission vehicle is carefully mapped to ensure all journeys are as energy efficient as possible – reducing unnecessary mileage, fuel consumption and it’s carbon footprint.

Why would I recommend AnyJunk?

Having hired a skip and also used a skip bag, what I most love about AnyJunk is that it is fast, stress-free and very efficient. In a fraction of the time that it would usually take me to hire a skip (and arrange a permit if it was sited on the road) or book a bag, load the junk into myself and then book a collection time to collect /dispose of my rubbish, AnyJunk would have done it all AND in one visit! Plus, they did all of the hard work on my behalf, meaning I was free to do other things. Both on the phone and in person all of the guys I dealt with at AnyJunk were incredibly professional, polite and efficient – they did exactly what they said they would, when they would. Did I mention they even swept my drive when they had finished too!

To find out more about AnyJunk’s eco-friendly rubbish removal service head over to With Christmas just around the corner, there couldn’t be a better time to have a green declutter, just in case Santa’s got some eco treats in store for you.


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