Top five tips to keep your home warm and save money on your energy bills

Honeywell evohome smart zoning technology

When you get home from work is your house a welcoming, cosy retreat where you can relax and unwind from your busy day or is it uncomfortably cold and draughty, with enough chill in the air to freeze one’s tail off?

If it’s the latter, due to your concerns over hefty energy prices, why not take some time to get your home winter-ready by following these top tips to keep your home warm and save money on your energy bills.

1. Bleed your radiators

To keep your boiler working efficiently, it is essential that any air that has found its way into the system be removed or ‘bled’ from the radiators.

2. Turn your room thermostat down by 1°C

You won’t feel the difference in the temperature of your house, but you will be amazed to see the difference in your energy bills. Turning down your thermostat by 1°c can actually save 10% on your heating bill!

3. Fit draught proofing to seal gaps around windows and doors

installing loft insulationDon’t lose heat through poor ventilation and draughts. This is easily remedied with foams and sealants available at most DIY stores.

4. Insulate your loft

Without loft insulation, which acts as a blanket trapping heat rising from the house below, you could be losing as much as 25% of your heating costs through your roof. Insulating your loft, which you can do yourself, is an effective way to reduce your heating bills.

5. Heat each room separately

Gone are the days of heating the whole house at the same time – Smart Zoning technology means that homeowners only heat rooms they use, and at the times that they need the heating. In the same way you don’t only have one light switch for your entire house, you shouldn’t control your heating with one single switch. Honeywell has recently launched an intelligent heating system called evohome, which has been proven to save up to 40% on heating costs due to its innovative Smart Zoning technology.

With evohome, you can create up to 12 zones in your home that can be controlled individually for maximised comfort and energy. According to the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), up to 82 per cent of a typical energy bill is attributed to home heating and hot water – so whether you are working from home or out for the evening with friends, evohome provides an opportunity to save energy.

evohome smart zoning technology

evohome features an easy-to-use mobile app that allows control of the home’s heating remotely, making it convenient to control your home heating wherever you are and whenever you need it. evohome can ensure your home is cosy and comfortable when you get back home without unnecessarily wasting energy and money whilst you’re out or away. Remote access control is available on both iOS and Android, whether on the go or on the sofa.

evohome also combines a raft of smart technology designed to enhance your comfort. From understanding when a window is left open and adapting your heating accordingly, to learning how a house heats up and cools down throughout the year, evohome is not just a thermostat but the “brains” of your home heating. Intuitive control functions mean settings can easily be overridden when needed, delaying the heating coming on when you arrive home late.

Coming in a range of easy-to-match colours, with a high contrast touch screen and a modern design, the evohome Connected Pack, which includes the internet gateway, will be priced from £249 RRP.

For more information on evohome and how to find a credited Honeywell installer visit

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