The Eco-Filament light bulb: the low-energy alternative

Eco-Filament low energy bulb

Energy saving lightbulbs are a lot like marmite, don’t you think, you either love them or loathe them?

We know they are good for the environment and that they save us money on our energy bills (replacing just one traditional light bulb with an energy saving one can save you around £3 a year) but they’re just not, well, as nice looking as the old ones used to be.

Well, not anymore. Thanks to a collaboration between Dutch medical, aerospace and avionic lighting specialist, NDF Special Light Products and Urban Cottage Industries, the leading UK manufacturer behind Factorylux light, the most stunning CFL lamp has been created, the unpretentiously named Eco-Filament.

The Factorylux Eco-Filament, which I was sent to review, combines the delicate beauty of Edison’s classic squirrel cage filament light bulb, with modern day energy and ecodesign standards to produce a lamp that not only looks stunning but is long lasting and low-energy too.

eco-filament bulb, close up

A straight replacement for traditional E27 60W pear shaped lamps, the dimmable Eco-Filament is the same bulb size, same cap and same light output, but lasts 5 times longer and consumes just one eighth of the energy of a 60W bulb. To put that in context for those number-crunching lovers amongst you, an Eco-Filament lamp last 25,000 hours, or 20+ years (3 hours a day) or 11 years (6 hours per day).

Exquisitely designed, the vintage Thomas Edison style lamps look fabulous both off, during the day and on at night.

On their own they would look stunning in bare bulb industrial style light fittings, which are gaining in popularity in many homes, as would they in interiors influenced by the Steampunk movement.


When on, (the dealbreaker for those opting for low-energy bulbs) the lamp gives a warm familiar glow of a traditional bulb, creating a beautiful, cosy ambience.

At £30.60 a bulb they are, of course, more expensive than their Edison Squirrel Cage Filament lamp counterparts (which start at £9.00), but when you calculate how much longer they last AND how much energy you save during use, you don’t have to be too bright to see that the Eco-filament puts the alternatives in the shade.

For more information about the Eco-Filament, head over to Urban Cottage Industries.


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