Tips to keep your home secure and eco-friendly during the holidays

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With summer holidays just around the corner most of us are starting to think about shedding those last few pounds, stocking up on sun cream and organizing everything from pet sitting to which neighbour we’ll be calling on for plant watering duties. But have you begun to consider how you will ensure your home is secure whilst you’re away?

As a would-be thief’s main objective is to keep a look out for empty properties, summer holidays are a prime time for them to find their next victim.

Make sure it’s not you by following these simple steps.

1. Cancel any deliveries to your home, including milk, newspaper or parcels

2. Don’t discuss your travel plans on any social media sites, you don’t know who is reading them

3. Lock all of your doors and windows, even the small ones, you’d be surprised at how dexterous a determined robber can be.

4. Place any important documents and valuables in a lockable safe

5. Leave a car on your driveway, if not yours, how about a neighbour’s?

6. Make your home look like someone is living in it:

You do this by leaving a light on in your home, but the running costs of this can be expensive and how effective is it?

According to a survey of reformed burglars (conducted by a well-known home alarm company) leaving the same light on through the night, every night, with the rest of the house in darkness, is a sure giveaway that no one is at home.

A better idea would be to have a number of lights on automatic timers placed in different rooms and set to different time settings. This would give the impression that people are moving around the home throughout the night. You could also pop a radio on a timer to create some noise.

Another effective deterrent for would-be thieves is external lighting.

Manually-operated security lights are fine when you are home, but if you’re away leaving outside lights on throughout the day and night not only hikes up your energy bills they’re a sure fire signal to anyone unwelcome robber ‘surveying’ your property that no-ones home.

A better alternative is to have flood lights with passive infrared sensors installed on the sides of your home. Instead of being manually operated, flood lights with PIR sensors work automatically and only illuminate when someone is detected close to your property – not what a would-be thief wants at all!

But what about the running costs?

Traditional flood lights with incandescent lamps can be expensive to run, however LED flood lights, like those from SimplyLED, use only a fraction of the power, saving money on your energy bills, yet offer exactly the same, if not better, light output.

SimplyLED kindly supplied me with one of their energy-saving Slim Line 36W LED Flood lights (250w equiv) and it is the perfect solution.

LED Flood lightSmall and discreet (only 7cm in depth), this non-obtrusive outdoor light has the power to light up my home, driveway and front door, yet does not create any unnecessary light pollution, which could be nuisance to my neighbours.

Constructed using an anti-corrosive and water resistant material with a high grade glass for optimum light transmittance, the 36W LED flood light has a light output of 2400 lumens (equivalent to a 250w halogen flood light) yet will save 85% on my energy bills.

In addition, when fitted with a PIR sensor, the running costs can be even further reduced, as the flood light will only illuminate when someone is detected near my home, i.e. it’s doesn’t have to be on all the time.

Another key benefit of LED bulbs is that they are super reliable and have a very long lifespan, 35,000 hours to be precise (on/off 90000 times)! So I won’t have the hassle or expense of changing the lamps on a regular basis, plus I can rest assured that it won’t let me down when I need it.

Finally, at only £69.99 each, safety, security and peace of mind couldn’t come much cheaper or as reliable than by installing an LED flood light.

So, this year take a moment to think how you can take some simple, low-cost steps to secure your home and keep your energy bills in check, that way you can sit back and relax knowing when you come home from your hols all will be safe and well, plus you’ll still have some money in your pocket.

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Chubb Locksmiths Lichfield

Spot on advice – it’s shocking the amount of people (including celebs) who discuss their holiday online, you’re basically telling thieves that your home will be empty! If you’re going away for a while it’s worth leaving valuables such as house keys and laptops with a relative for extra precaution.


Thanks for your comments. I agree, I’m also surprised at how many people ‘check in’ online when they’re out and about – it’s like an open invitation to potential thieves.


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