How to be green when spring cleaning your home

eco-friendy cleaning tips for the home

The sun is shining, the skies are blue so what’s it time to do – spring clean of course?

But rather than choke your home (and your family) with toxic cleaners to get the job done, why not make use of those leftover fruit and veggies that are languishing in your fruit bowl and save money too.

Here’s my top frugally fruity cleaning tips to get you start:

1. Lemons – to get your microwave sparkling clean and to rid it of any nasty niffs, simply cut a lemon in half, place in a microwavable bowl half filled with water and microwave for 3 minutes. The fresh citrus fragrance deodorizes the microwave whilst the condensation from the steam loosens dirt, which can be easily wiped away.

2. Cucumbers – save that bendy cucumber from the bin and de-streak your bathroom mirror instead. Simply cut a few slices of cucumber and wipe across the mirror and buff to a shine. Not only will it de-streak your mirror, it’ll be mist-free next time you have a shower or bath.

3. Banana – dull silverware? Simply remove the stringy pulp from the inside of a banana skin and buff your silverware. This simple trick also works great on leather furniture, shoes and on household plant leaves.

Have you got any fruity cleaning tips you would like to share, it’d be great to compile a list of the best ones? Either add a comment here or hop over to my Facebook page and add it there.

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