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Next in my series, Small Businesses that Green our World, is Tina Hill, mum and creator of eco-friendly kids product, Kidzsack.

eco-friendly products

Kidzsack, is a US brand which has creating eco-friendly activities and products for kids at it’s heart. Using recycled materials, Tina has created a product in Kidzsack’s that gives children endless pleasure and enables them to use their creativity whilst learning about their environment at the same time.

Designed by herself, Tina has a passion for fashion and design, translating these into a product that both children and adults will equally love.

I asked Tina how and why she came up with the idea for Kidzsack.

As far back as I can remember, I have loved to draw and color.  I graduated from FIT in NYC with an Associate’s Degree in Fashion Design and worked as a fashion designer in New York for 12+ years travelling all over Europe and the Far East.  I stopped working when I became pregnant with my third daughter but never stopped dreaming of being creative again.  Kidzsack was founded in the fall of 2007.  One day while walking my kids to the bus stop, I noticed a neighbor wearing a sportsack. Right away I thought, “I can translate that sportsack into an artistic activity for little kids.”  I wanted to fulfill my need to be creative again and also build something that could become a legitimate business.

So what exactly is a Kidzsack and what do they do?

eco-friendly products

Kidzsack is a line of eco-friendly backsacks that are made using 100% cotton fabric.   I have both a domestic line and overseas line. USA Kidzsacks are made using 100% recycled pre consumer cotton and post consumer polyester (made from plastic bottles). Overseas Kidzsacks are made using 100% cotton.  Both are screenprinted with original artwork and packaged with 8 non toxic washable markers.  Kids color, wash, and recolor.  It’s a fun, reusable activity that is perfect for preschool, sports, travel and vacation.  Kidzsack products are designed to inspire creative play and environmental awareness with the highest level of quality and safety.

What has been your proudest moment to date?

My proudest moment to date is being a mom of four and watching my children grow into independent, responsible young people. I love, love my kids!  My biggest success to date is getting my Kidzsack into beautiful locations and having customers such as: The Atlantis, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Eden Project to name a few. Kidzsack has been featured on CBS and The Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda. It is also an award winning Travel and Vacation Toy.

eco-friendly products

What are your plans for 2012?

My plans for 2012 include expanding my distribution internationally and also my children’s line. I have new product ideas and cannot wait to get started!

Where can we find out more about Kidzsack?

To find out more about Kidzsack, please visit my website, 

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