Save energy in the home with simple, low cost smart switches

plug in timer

Tired of asking ‘who’s left this charger plugged in/light switched on…’ to the young folk in your house? Yes, me too! 

So, if the message isn’t getting through, it’s time to get switched on yourself with some low cost automated energy saving gadgets.

First up, IKEA’s Koppla 3 port USB powerstrip plus plug-in timer. 

Simply set the timer to come on for a couple of hours a day, sufficient to charge most phones / smart devices and you can rest assured your family’s mobiles won’t accidentally be left charging hours on end, nibbling away at your utility bills.

Did you know it’s been calculated that if all UK phone users unplugged after charging, enough energy would be saved to power a town the size of Canterbury. (TechRadar).

Motion sensor PIR automated light switch
Secondly, for rooms where lights are often left on by mistake e.g. bedrooms, utility rooms and hallways why not switch your standard light switch for a motion sensor PIR automated light switch.

I’ve installed one in our games room and it’s fantastic. Not only does it automatically switch on when the room is entered, it automatically goes off when the room’s vacated, meaning I don’t need to nag AND more importantly, I’m saving money on my energy bills.

What energy saving ideas have you got for the younger people in your home? Do let me know, either leave a comment or give me a shout @QueenEasyGreen or on Facebook

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