I’m a finalist in national blogging awards, the MAD’s.

Unfortunately it wasn’t to be my year for winning a MAD award, but despite that I had a fantastic time and met many wonderful people, including fellow finalists Karen Jones from All About the Boys, Becky from Babybudgeting, Laura from LittleStuff and of course, our lovely winner, Lisa Pearson from MummyWhisper who won our category, she was a well-deserved winner. So, thank you everyone who nominated me, voted and took the time to read my blog, it is very much appreciated. Big thanks too, to Sally Whittle the force behind The Mads who organised everything,  you did an amazing job and to Sarah Wolf from Miglio Jewellery, who adorned us all for the evening – thank you.

Anyway, as they say ‘when one door shuts, another one opens’ well the next door that has opened for me, is that I have been shortlisted for Red Magazine’s prestigious Red Hot Women Awards 2011!

As you may imagine, I am thoroughly overwhelmed by this, plus the line up of nominees is incredible, to find out more and to see who I’ll be alongside you can read more here.


So, the big day is nearly upon us, the MAD Blog Awards 2011.

Now, as you may already know (or have just read below) I have been selected as a finalist for the Best Small Business Blog for this very website that you are on, www.queenofeasygreen.co.uk

This is very exciting for me, as not only is the MAD’s a prestigious award which recognises parenting blogging on a national level, the Queen of Easy Green website is not yet one year old!  So to be nominated alongside bloggers who are experts in their field, is a great honour.

Anyway, the big night is tomorrow (30 Sept) at the TalkTalk Customer Experience Centre, London and as you would imagine with a room full of social media savvy people present there will be living tweeting using the #MadBlogAwards hashtag, you can also follow the awards live on the MAD Blog Awards Live Blog , plus, if that isn’t enough, there will be photos on Flickr and video’s of the awards ceremony uploaded on the Mad Blog Awards Youtube channel. Now if that isn’t enough media interaction, I don’t know what is. Though is anybody AudioBoo-ing, maybe I will….?

So, do please send me your virtual good wishes, I hope that an award does come the Queen of Easy Green’s way, however  if it doesn’t I promise now to adopt the gracious smile and applaud-look! :)

In the meantime, if you’d like to see who else who is in the running, here’s a short video of all finalists.. enjoy!


I am very proud to announce that I am a finalist in national parent blogging awards, the MAD’s.

To vote for me (and to help me win) please visit here and click ‘vote’ on my page – I’m on page 5.

Thank you!

Previously ….

You may have already seen, but I am going to officially announce it anyway …. I have been nominated for the MAD Blog Awards.

In case you are not sure what the MADs are, they are the blog awards that celebrate great British families and their blog and I have been nominated in the The Best MAD Small Business Blog category, which celebrates those Mums and Dads who balance raising a family with growing a new business.

This award recognizes, as they put it ‘the fearless MAD Bloggers that have struck out on their own and have run their small business (turnover <£500k) this year – and use blogging to document their new venture, alongside their family life.’

As you will know, the reason I set up this blog was to share my eco easy tips, advice, reviews and news and to also give an insight into what green changes I am making as a busy mum with two young children. The aim: to show that if I can do it, anyone can.

My site is also about exploring what everyday issues we all face as busy mums when it comes to greening our lives. Sometimes being green can seem too difficult to do, or just too labour-intensive and that is why, as the Queen of Easy Green™, I aim to take these problems and develop practical solutions. Products which are eco-friendly in their design, and which also make a positive impact on our time, money and waste. Eco-easy or eco-nvenient solutions as I have coined them.

Initially inspired by a problem that I encountered when feeding my very young children, I came up with my first product, Count On It® labels. Tired of how much food I was needlessly throwing away, I invented a scratch off memory jogger label to help busy families like mine get the most out of their food and reduce the amount of food and money they were throwing away. The product was an instant success. You can find out more about my Count On It® story here.

I continue to get my inspiration for further eco-products from listening to what you, my audience of busy mums, tell me about running their home and family. With two more products in development, I aim to bring to market a range of Queen of Easy Green™ products all designed to save you time, money and waste in the home – watch this space. Oh, and if you want to me to find a practecol (practical/eco! :)) solution to a time, money or waste issue you encounter in your home, let me know, maybe I can help.

The other reason I blog is to share my business story, what events I’m in involved with, where I’m writing, speaking and what products I am working on.

In addition, I love supporting other eco-entrepreneurs, those who run eco businesses, invent eco products and also champion green schemes, so you’ll also find me regularly showcasing other innovative products and ideas that I find along my way. (If you have an eco business that you’d like me to feature, or know someone who has, pleased drop me a line)

So there you have it, a brief outline of why I blog and why I’ve been nominated.

The MADs will be judged on the number of votes each nominee gets, so I’d like to ask that if you like my blog and would like to vote for me, that would be wonderful.

It’s really straightforward:-

1. just click on the I’m Nominated ‘The Mads’ badge at the top right hand side of my site,

2. then enter my website www.queenofeasygreen.co.uk into the category’s Parent MAD Blogger of the Year and also the

3. The Best MAD Small Business Blog category

Thank you again for taking the trouble to nominate me, it is really appreciated.

Yours, Lyndsey

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