Tips to green your Halloween party

tips to green your Halloween party

Halloween has always been a big deal in the US, and over the pond, they really do go all out with the celebrations.

Here in the UK, Halloween has always predominantly been for the kids, although over recent years, there has been a visible rise in the number of adults celebrating the occasion.

Times are seriously tough for much of the population at the minute, so it’s no surprise that more and more of us are taking the opportunity to let our hair down and getting into the spirit of things by throwing a big Halloween bash.

You only have to take at look at all of the Halloween fancy dress costumes in our high street shops to see that Halloween now just isn’t an occasion to be missed, however, this doesn’t mean that celebrating Halloween has to be expensive, nor does it have to cost the earth.

To show you how easily you can have a super spook-tacular party which is affordable and kind to the environment , I’ve put together a few tips.

Treats, or should we say sweets. A new one for my generation, but kids these days have cottoned on to that fact that Halloween is mainly about the ‘trick or treating’ and seeing how many sweets they can collect. A simple way to keep this green and keen on your purse is to buy Fairtrade online. Rather than heading down to your local supermarket to buy your Fairtrade goodies and Halloween party food, why not shop online using a discount voucher . By doing so, you will save money on your grocery bills, save fuel by having it delivered, plus you will be supporting Fairtrade producers at the same time.

Costumes – again, there are a multitude on sale in all of the shops and it could be argued that it is ‘easier’ to just dip in your pocket and buy one, but of course, it’s not very green. However, I think (and I’m sure many kids out there will agree with me) that making your own is much better all round and it is such good fun. Slashing up old shirts for a zombie outfit, making a ghost outfit from an old sheet or cardboard skull masks – the more creative the better. Making your own is a lovely activity to do with your kids before the big day, plus it’s a great way to re-use out-grown clothes.

Trick or treat accessories – Again, you will find many a ‘plastic pumpkin’ lurking on retailers shelves, but why not make your own? How about a homemade ‘trick or treat’ swag bag made from an old ‘bag for life’. Again, with a little creativity you can soon make your own bag ghoulishy fab, simply draw on some spiders or bats etc., or embellish with old leaves, cones and glitter, whatever takes your fancy. However, if this is not for you and you fancy splashing out on something eco-chic, how about this candy bowl made from recycled M&M wrappers …?

So as you can see, by getting your Halloween party sorted early this year and using a little creativity, you can save yourself some money, have fun and be a little greener (and I don’t mean in a witch-like way) ☺

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