Gamila Secret naturally luxurious skincare

Gamila Secret Daily Herbal Face Oil

I’ve been putting of doing this review for a few days now, not because I don’t like the product, not at all, but because I didn’t want my enthusiasm for the product to sound contrived.

However, I can’t wait any longer … I just love Gamila Secret Daily Herbal Face Oil.

Gamila Secret is a premium quality beauty range which blends a unique combination of 15 hand picked Active Healing herbs to create organic skincare products that restore and stimulate the natural balance of the skin, giving it a moisturised, radiant healthy glow.

The Daily Herbal Face Oil, which I was sent to trial, is just divine. A luxurious blend of anti-oxidant rich avocado oil, to delay the signs of aging and super nourishing grape seed oil to promote skin flexibility, my skin has never looked or felt so good.

What I love about Gamila Secret Daily Herbal Oil is that, unlike the regular day creams I have used for years which feel like they only temporarily nourish the outer layers of my skin, it penetrates the deepest epidermis layer of my skin continually replenishing, conditioning and restoring it to it’s natural state. My skin actually feels softer now than it did in my thirties – and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Indeed, Gamila Secret’s philosophy behind all of their skincare products is that skin should be replenished from the inside out – ‘raised by nature, gathered by Gamila to nourish healthy skin’.

As well as giving my skin vimax penis enlargement a healthy radiant glow, Gamila also smells gorgeous owing to it’s blend of natural, aromatic healing herbs and is also very light to apply and quickly ‘sinks in’. Using just one drop of oil I am able to moisturize my face, neck and chest effortlessly, no dragging of my skin through ‘rubbing it in’ or oil ‘sitting’ on my skin making it shiny, it just glides on and immediately revitalizes my skin. (Did you know applying oil to the skin actually slows down your skins oil production, making you less shiny?).

At £70 for a 50ml bottle, Gamila Secret Daily Herbal Oil is not a budget buy, however, when you consider that I’ve been using mine for one month now and have only used about 5ml, it’d be fair to assume that one bottle could last you at least 6 months. That equates to about £11.50 a month, for a luxurious, daily skincare product, I’d say that’s a great investment!

As I stated at the outset, I LOVE Gamila Secret Daily Herbal Face Oil, it has far exceeded what I expected and would recommend it to anyone looking for a natural, organic skincare product to give their skin a radiant, healthy glow.

To find out more about the story behind Gamila Secret and their other products, including Gamila Secret Hand Cream and Gamila Secret Foot Balm, head over to their website

Gamila Secret, available from selected House of Fraser Stores and from

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