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When stuck in the daily traffic jam on my commute to work many moons ago, I would often think how much emptier the roads would be if we all could a) take the bus or b) fill up the countless empty car seats which daily travel up and down our nation. Well, liftsharing could just be the answer to this problem.

Liftsharing is exactly what it says it is – sharing lifts. Rather than single car-driving commuters clogging up our roadways, the idea is that we fill up our empty passenger seats and share our journeys. This is what BlablaCar is all about!

As well as being an obvious solution for reducing congestion on our roads and pollution in our air, did you know that liftsharing can help you save money too?

According to, when sharing the cost of petrol and parking, liftsharing can typically save drivers around £800 a year. How great is that, not only will you be offsetting the rising price of petrol, this can also help towards tax, insurance and maintenance costs of your car!

But it’s not all about the money, liftsharing also makes commuting more social, plus, of course, it is great for the environment. Less vehicles on the road, equals less carbon emissions – a win-win situation for us all.

So how can you find who are your potential liftsharing buddies? Well, this is where BlaBlaCar comes in.

Blablacar - car sharing social network has created a fast growing community that connects drivers with empty seats with people looking for a ride.

Combining a travel site with a social network, BlaBlaCar allows drivers and passengers to post details about themselves and rate each other on a range of criteria, from performance and reliability, to how chatty they are – creating a trust network.

With over 1.5 million members already sharing more than six million trips per year in Europe, BlaBlaCar has just launched in the UK and recently announced that it’s community has shared a whopping 1billion kilometres on the road!

When they estimate that drivers could earn as much as £2,200 per annum by only sharing 150 miles of travel per week – it is no surprise that this community is growing daily.

So how can you get involved? Well, the great news is that to get more UK car drivers on board, BlaBlaCar is rewarding drivers sharing their journeys from London to North West (incl: Manchester, Liverpool, Oxford, Birmingham) with £500 in cash. So if you, or anyone you know, is driving between the North West and London, join in by posting your trip on BlablaCar. BlablaCar team members will act as genuine passengers on the site and hand off £500 to the selected winning drivers! To find out more about how you could earn £500, head over to

So, what are you waiting for? Liftsharing – it’s great for your pocket, great for the environment and it could very possibly make your journey to work the best part of the day.

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