5 top reasons why recycling your old mobile is good for the environment

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As consumers gear up for the launch of the next generation of iPhone next month, the recycling website www.sellmyoldmobilephone.co.uk is highlighting the top reasons why hanging on to old phones is bad for the world.

Graham Miller, director of www.sellmyoldmobilephone.co.uk said: “The excitement is rife around the new iPhone, which is expected on the market later this year. Many thousands of people will rush to upgrade to the new version from older iPhones, or even switch from other smart phones or mobiles.

“But that will undoubtedly leave countless phones languishing in drawers, unused and forgotten, when the alternative is to recycle the handsets and make a real difference to the environment and to other people.”

www.sellmyoldmobilephone.co.uk allows visitors to search for the best deal from more than 25 companies. It also allows users to review the buyer, helping to build an independent rating for future sellers’ information.

Graham continued: “Statistics show that there are more than four billion mobile phones in the world today, with upgrades taking place every 12 to 24 months. Therefore, the number of phones left lying around is expected to grow exponentially, unless the world changes its mindset and starts recycling.”

Graham’s top reasons to recycle:

  1. “Recycling phones reduces the amount of rubbish which goes into landfills. This is particularly important because mobile phones contain poisonous elements, such as lead, cadmium and beryllium, which are harmful to wildlife and human health.”
  2. “Some recycling companies send their phones to developing countries, providing a vital link for people who have never used such technology before.”
  3. “Making a mobile phone uses the equivalent energy of almost 40 gallons of petrol, so recycling helps to conserve dwindling energy resources.”
  4. “More than 60 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year are used in the manufacture of mobile phones and recycling can help to reduce this massive carbon footprint.”
  5. “The impact on the environment of mining for precious metals can be reduced. Mobile phones contain small quantities of gold, platinum and palladium, but with around 80 million phones estimated to be discarded, a big difference can be made.”

Graham added: “Let’s not forget that there is another very good reason to recycle an old phone: you can make money doing it and increase what you get by up to 30% by using a comparison site. Smart phones generally bring more money than more traditional handsets, but there is a market out there for most makes and models – even if they are broken.”

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