Switch and save with energy-efficient LED bulbs

Energy efficient LED bulb

Pretty much every time we hear energy-saving advice it always includes the tip, ‘switch to energy-saving light bulbs’. Of course, this is sound advice, but what if you are reluctant to change because energy-efficient bulbs won’t fit into your existing light fittings or you can’t because your home has halogen lamps fitted. Or, what if you are one of the many who just don’t like energy-saving bulbs due to them being slow to illuminate and their ‘dull’ light?

All of the above could be argued to be valid reasons for opting out of energy-efficient bulbs, but since traditional light bulbs are now banned, not switching will no longer be an option. Plus, when you consider that energy- efficient light bulbs use up to 80% less electricity than standard bulbs, swapping to energy saving bulbs could be the easiest way you can save on your energy bills.

So, how can you make the switch without breaking the bank?

Firstly, why not change one bulb at a time? Next time one of your old light bulbs blows, replace it with an energy-efficient bulb. Alternatively, make a switch in the rooms that are illuminated for long periods of time, for example, landings or hallways (usually kept on overnight for the young ones in our household).

These simple changes will save you some energy, but realistically you will not notice a substantial reduction in your energy bills until all of your lights are energy-efficient.

But of course switching your whole home in one go can be expensive, particularly if like me you have inherited lots of halogen* lamps which you’d like to swap for LED.

Unfortunately LED’s are expensive to buy in comparison to halogen bulbs and this explains why LED lighting only accounts for 4% of the lighting market.

Switch and Save

LED lighting specialists, FLUX LED, have launched a scheme that enables families to make the switch to energy-efficient bulbs whilst keeping the cost low.

Called ‘Switch and Save’, the scheme allows householders to invest in energy-efficient LED light bulbs whilst minimising the financial strain of the up front costs. Providing consumers with 0% interest facilities and only a 10% deposit to be paid on all LED light bulbs purchased*, the two years interest free payment plan is covered by the amount of money saved each month. (*This equates to the same cost of an ordinary light bulb).

FLUX LED kindly sent some of their bulbs for me to review and here’s what I found:

Easy to install?

Very easy, as described, all of FLUX LED bulbs are designed to fit into pre-existing household fittings and are available in both screw and bayonet cap fittings, so it took me no time at all to replace my bulbs.

I received some GU10 5 watt LED bulbs (direct replacement for a 35watt Halogen), which fitted perfectly into my old halogen spot fittings. It’s worth pointing out that if you are choosing GU10 bulbs their 8 watt lamps are slightly longer in length than the 5 watt and may not fit, so make sure you check your fittings before ordering.


The GU10 LED bulbs certainly look more robust and substantial than their halogen counterparts, as you will see from the photo below (halogen bulb on the left, GU10 LED on the right), but don’t let this give you the impression they are not as attractive.

energy efficient LED lightbulbs

In fact, all of FLUX LED light bulbs are elegantly designed, meaning not only are they a direct ‘fit’ replacement; aesthetically they tick the box too.

Forget an arrangement of twirly opaque energy-saving bulbs protruding from your ceiling light fitting, FLUX bulbs will add to the look of your light fittings, rather than detract. To see what I mean, here’s an example of the FLUX Crystal Candle LED bulb.

Candle LED bulb

When comparing the light emitted, I found the GU10 bulbs had a brighter, ‘whiter’ light than my halogens, which I really like. It’s interesting to learn that according to research, the more natural, ‘outdoor light’ emitted from LED light bulbs can have positive health benefits, including promoting alertness and positive moods. (I will be interested to find out if I experience this, I may have to get back to you on this one!)

Value for money

Well, as I’ve already pointed out, LED’s are more expensive to buy than ordinary bulbs. However, the savings you can make through usage soon offsets this. As FLUX LED’s operate at a significantly lower wattage whilst giving the same light output, they save an average of 85% in electricity consumption.

For example, a 50W halogen bulb can be replaced with an 8W LED, whilst giving the same light output. A halogen spot bulb on average costs £10.95 per year, compared to an LED spot bulb costs £1.75, which gives you a saving of £9.20 per year, per bulb!
Furthermore, a FLUX LED bulb has a lifetime of around 20 years, meaning you won’t have the bulb replacement costs either.

The days of changing light bulbs may be a thing of the past in the not too distant future! Not to mention the ‘how many people does it take to change a light bulb’ jokes – bonus!

Where can I get FLUX LED light bulbs?

FLUX LED’s are available through their website www.fluxled.co.uk , this is where you will also find out more information on their ‘Switch and Save’ scheme. Plus, there is a handy online LED calculator, so you can work out how much you would save in your home.

Would I recommend them?

Yes I would. Personally I am very conscious about the amount of energy I use through lighting, particularly with my halogen lamps. Furthermore, like others, I’m not keen on the early version energy-efficient bulbs as they take a long time to illuminate and when they do, they offer a rather dingy light.

In my opinion FLUX LED not only offer attractively designed energy-saving bulbs which are bright and look good in existing light fittings, their ‘Switch and Save’ scheme means swapping to LED’s is financially viable for most people.

Finally, as I’m currently mid house extension, I’m keen to make sure that I fit energy-efficient bulbs that’ll serve their intended purpose and look good too. That’s why I’m really pleased to be fitting FLUX LED downlighters, as I know I can enjoy them guilt-free, safe in the knowledge I’m saving money on my energy bills.

To find out more about FLUX LED visit their website at www.fluxled.co.uk

*Although more efficient than standard bulbs, halogen bulbs emit less light than their traditional counterparts, which in simple terms means to achieve the same amount of light, you need a lot more of them. Result – higher running costs.

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