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What better way to start the New Year at Queen of Easy Green™, than to shine the spotlight on another small business who has created an eco-friendly product that not only green’s our world, but makes a parent’s life easier too.

As part of our popular Small Business that Green our World series, this month I’d like to introduce you to Melissa, creator of Hana Baby Wrap, an eco-friendly baby wrap carrier.

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Driven by the desire to create a product that would enable her to carrier her daughter close to her, whilst keeping bother herself and baby comfortable, Melissa created the Hana Baby Wrap.

I asked Melissa to tell us a little more about herself and her story:

I am Melissa, I am based in London and am mother to Hannah. I have launched an eco-friendly baby wrap carrier to keep your little one close to you while you go about your daily routine.

Tell us more about your product and what it does.

Hana Baby Wrap is a cool, breathable and sustainable baby wrap carrier. The advantage of a wrap carrier to other carriers or slings is that it carries your baby close and snug to you, which eases the transition from womb to the outside world. A wrap carrier is also known for its support and comfort. It supports baby very well, creating a seat for baby to sit in without putting pressure on its developing spine or hips – this in contrast to many mainstream carriers. Benefits to the mother or father is that baby’s weight is evenly distributed over both shoulders and entire back, making your baby feel as light as a feather.

How did you come up with the idea?

I started using a wrap carrier myself when my two week old daughter was unwell and did not want to be put down for a single second.

I first used a regular baby carrier, but that started to hurt my shoulders pretty quickly and it didn’t feel secure. After some slings research I decided to buy a wrap carrier. I was surprised with the comfort, being able to carry my daughter for long stretches without any problems. I could now get on with daily life, while my daughter Hannah was cosy and contented in the products

But then the weather got warmer. And the warmer it got, the less I used the wrap as it just got too hot! Really missing the comfort and convenience of using it, I started looking for an alternative fabric that would be cool and comfortable. The end product is Hana Baby Wrap, made of cool bamboo fabric with added organic cotton and a bit of elastane.

Bamboo fabric is also one of the most sustainable fabrics around. It doesn’t use pesticides or fertilizers to grow, and bamboo itself is renewable, growing up to a meter a day. Bamboo fabric has many other great benefits. Some of these are that it is thermo-regulating, making it cool on hot days, but keeping you warm when it is cold. It also has a natural UV filter, is naturally anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic – making it a great fabric to use for your baby.

What are your plans for 2012?

I have had interest from distributors in several countries, among which are Spain, Japan and Australia. My main aim for the near future is to close a deal with a UK distribution company and to establish my brand firmly in the UK niche market of slings and carriers.

Where can people buy/ find out more about your product?

Hana Baby Wrap is currently available in Australia, South Korea and soon in Japan also. In the UK Hana Baby Wrap is available at, In-Joy Yoga in Croydon, Tiny and Small and very soon at Greenwich Baby, which of course is in Greenwich.

Finally, Melissa has kindly offered us one of her Hana Baby Wrap’s worth £49.99 as a competition prize.

For chance of winning, simply enter using the box below:

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