Simple tips to save water and energy in the home

Tips to save energy and water in the home

Would you believe, according to the Energy Saving Trust, on average each person in the UK uses 150 litres of water per day – even more shockingly, much of this is wasted?

Why is this so? Well, one reason could be that because we live in such a rain-soaked country many people do not appreciate that water is one of the biggest energy users in our home. Heating and using hot water is accountable for up 30% of an average home’s annual energy bill, approximately £200 per year! (EST, 2011)

So how can we easily reduce our water consumption, without drastically changing our lifestyle?

Well, as I’ve already covered in my article for At Home, choosing energy-efficient washing machines and detergents is a great way to reduce our need.

Another simple solution is to choose the shower over the bath.

As you will already know from reading my post Energy Saving Week – Easy Ways to Save Energy this Winter – you can save up to 80% of energy by choosing the shower, as a 5 minutes shower uses a third of the water of a bath.

water saving gadget - showerdrop

However, a word of warning, modern power showers can use more water than a bath in less than 5 minutes, so to keep your costs down, you need to keep an eye on your showering time. To help you, how about this handy gadget, the Eco Showerdrop shower meter.

Alternatively, you could invest in an energy-saving bath appliance, like Ecocamel’s new shower head, JetStorm.

The JetStorm is stylish shower head which uses patented inJet valve technology (the very latest in water saving technology) to provide the same powerful shower experience as a full flow shower, but using significantly less water.

water saving gadget - JetStorm shower head

Developed by UK firm Ecocamel, JetStorm’s Twin Injet technology works by mixing air into the water stream, via a small inlet at the base of handle, at high speed to maximize the pressure while saving water.

The result, an invigorating spa shower sensation using less water, less energy, which is better for your pocket and environment.

According to Ecocamel, the JetStorm showerhead allows you to:

· Cut hot water bills by 40%

· Significantly reduce the water you use in the shower
(a typical family of four can save up to 56,000 litres a year*)

· Cut energy use and carbon emissions

· Provide payback periods of just 3 months (with annual savings calculated to be £240 a year)

* Test results based on a family of four taking a daily seven-minute shower (Independent testing conducted at Liverpool John Moores University)

Through testing one myself, I can honestly vouch that the JetStorm certainly packs a punch in water delivery department and whilst I can’t yet confirm what saving I have made on my energy bills, any product that can positively influence my energy consumption is definitely worth giving serious consideration to.

So, to give you an opportunity to put the JetStorm through it’s paces in your home, Ecocamel are offering Queen of Easy Green readers an exclusive discount of 25% on each purchase. Normally costing £49.95, with the discount the cost of the JetStorm is £37.46, which means it pays for itself in just two months!

But hurry, the discount code is only available for one month. To claim your discount, head over to and enter the code EC12 in ‘discount coupon’.

So next time you head for the bath, why not choose the shower, with the energy, time and money you’ll save you can afford to splash out on something special for yourself instead.

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