Sharing my eco expertise at Soft & Gentle’s Skin Science launch

Soft & Gentle's new Skin Science compressed deodorant

‘For every million cans produced there’s a saving of 7.7 tonnes of aluminium, that’s equivalent to 4,000 aluminium bicycles!’

Just one of the many incredible statistics that I was sharing at Soft & Gentle’s Skin Science product launch in London yesterday.

As their Eco Expert, I had the pleasure of explaining to a host of beauty journalists and bloggers how Soft & Gentle’s new Skin Science compressed can range is significantly reducing the environmental footprint of aerosol deodorants whilst helping consumers make a greener, more sustainable living choice – all without compromising on performance and price.

Green living expert, Lyndsey Young at Soft & Gentle product launch

Reducing the gas propellant by 54% and aluminium packaging by 29% per compressed can (compared to Soft & Gentle’s standard 150ml aerosal anti-perspirant deodorant) Soft & Gentle’s compressed cans are half the size and much lighter than their original counterpart, yet offer the same level of protection and last just as long.

Soft & Gentle Skin Science compressed can product launch

Using less aluminium, less waste and transport savings, 39% more compressed cans can be loaded on one pallet compared to 150ml aerosols, Soft & Gentle’s compressed aerosol deodorants offer positive environmental benefits across the lifecycle of the product.

Indeed, we’ve estimated, if all of Soft & Gentle’s customers simply switch from 150ml to 75ml compressed cans, a staggering 1647 tonnes of CO2 could be saved in just 12 months!

An outstanding achievement which is not to be sniffed at!

To find out more about Soft & Gentle’s new Skin Science range and their compressed classic range visit


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